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4crazykids 09-21-2009 02:48 PM

Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
Hi All,

I need some input please.... I was diagnosed in July-09 with Lyme & Erhlicia.

Got Necrotic cellulitis from the tick too! Symptoms were classsic: fever, bells palsy , bullseye & fatigue.

I've been on Doxy since July - almost 3 mths 200mg/day. Since July I've been feeling up and down....mostly fatigue.

3 wks ago I got a bumpy red rash on my arms, legs, upper torso and face. It can be hard to see w/my freckles. But when my body temp goes up - it is clear as day and itches like mad.

THis past weekend - the Bells palsy came back. Dr thinks that the lyme may still be active. Any thoughts??

Lymekicker 09-21-2009 10:56 PM

Re: Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
Hello there, Sorry to hear about your illness. 200 mgs/day is NOT enough in my opinion. See if your doc will up the dosage and/or change to another abx with a high dose. Have you been checked for co-infections? Depending on how long you've had Lyme it can take awhile to get rid of it(as in many months of abx). Hope you get better soon! M.

jojo 09-23-2009 07:01 AM

Re: Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
[COLOR="Purple"]Hi Lymekicker is correct, your antibiotic dosage isn't high enough. I have read you need 300-600 mg a day.
Plus the Lyme Bacteria has 3 life stages to it. So you need a cyst buster also. Such as Flagyl.

And the typical run of the mill doctor will either turn their back on treating a patient or treat with low dosage antibiotics. They do not have a clue nor do they want to have a clue about lyme. A person needs to find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. It would be like going to a pediatrican for cancer. Know what I mean? You need someone that specializes in it.

Lyme is in the syphillis family. It is 7 times stronger than the syphillis bacteria. It CAN be transmittled sexually, blood transfusion, mother to baby, ect. I have talked to one Dr. that had lyme. And he feels that they passed in within their family via drinking utensils. It can also be transmitted via mosquitos, and any type of biting bug.

It took me 9 years of antibiotics. The longer you have it the harder it is to get under control.

And you definatley need to be tested for the co-infections, mycoplasma, chlamydia pnumoniae, babesia, bartonella, Ericliosis, Q Fever....there are so many things you can get along the road too when you immune systems breaks down.

So my thoughts are yes it is still active.

Hope you feel better soon.



seekfind 09-30-2009 09:02 AM

Re: Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
get tested for EBV, epstein barr virus, as well.

Liahciara 11-25-2010 12:17 AM

Re: Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
[QUOTE=seekfind;4089790]get tested for EBV, epstein barr virus, as well.[/QUOTE]
I had bell's palsy at the age of 8, when I caught a draft after walking for 10 blocks and removing my scarfe and hat. The right side of my face was affected: my eye was open when I slept and I could not drink from the right side of my mouth. I had one month of injections, after the year, my face recovered, although I had a tingling on my right eye for several years after that, not obvious to the naked eye. What was your symptom?

shur1 05-15-2012 04:51 PM

Re: Bell's palsy again...normal or continued infect
i was 23 years of age when i got bells palsy it came on very sudden while i was at the pool a sharp pain like a thunderbolt went up my right arm 2 hours later i was paralysed on my right side of the face and mouth and half of my tougue i had to tape my one eye shut as it would not shut on its own. i recovered in about 4 months later at 100% i do not remember taking any kinds of injections just some pills for about a month i slowly got better increment at a time as far as movement is concerned i sat in a jacuzzi and let the water rush over my face and slowly i felt the numbness leave just a bit and was able to move my mouth in very small increments ...............

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