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dsc3507 11-12-2009 11:59 PM

Problems from Bystolic
I had an extremely bad reaction to Bystolic. It was delayed after taking so at first confusing as to being the problem. I started on 2.5mg and went up to 10mg on doctors orders. My BP was only moderate and fluctuated greatly.

Witihin 2 months of starting Bystolic I developed severe joint and muscle pain. I also had numbness and circulation problems to my extremities. I though I had Lyme and doctor took blood and said no lyme although titers were up. I also developed extremely bloodshot eyes which my eye doctor could not diagnose. My HR was as low as 50 or so at rest and I would often wake up at night and have arms "asleep" and aching. I believe it could have caused some nerve damage that is slowly repairing and this may also be why I am having extremity numbness that I never had before.

I finally gave up on this doctor who did not seem to care. I stopped taking Bystolic all together and started herbal remedies from a holistic doctor including magnesium.

Today after 2 month or more off of Bystolic I am much improved. It was a long time to improve. I still have extremity numbness and bloodshot eyes and the eye doctor after hearing my original symptoms wants me to see a rheumatologist.

I still think this is all caused by the Bystolic as I was healthy and in general good health my entire life before taking it.

Has anyone had these symptoms? I see where some report a year or more for these things to clear up. Interesting in hearing others stories about this?

Doctors push these drugs and don't even have a clue that they could cause such serious problems. It is a crime!

famnd 11-13-2009 04:08 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Hi Disc,

I had a similar reaction only worse from Cozaar (b/p med.) These meds are all the Dr's have to give us as most people refuse to do the lifestyle stuff that would probably help decrease b/p in most patients. Once one is on b/p meds it is more difficult to lose weight to make things worse. Fam

ACE28 11-19-2009 07:18 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Some who take Bystolic seem to have no problems while others appear to suffer every known side effect. I've taken Bystolic for quite awhile and the side effects you mentioned, such as sore muscles, tingling and arms and legs falling asleep etc. are pretty common. Fatigue is another known issue. In my opinion, Bystolic was pushed to doctors by the Pharm. sales representatives who promised a beta blocker with less side effects and unique modes of action. They were cited by the FDA for making false claims and lessening the side effect profile. They also made numerous false comparisons without any proof of effectiveness to other beta blockers. The research is poor, and the effectiveness and benefits in comparison to other beta blockers such as Coreg and Metoprolol for heart failure, MI etc. has never been shown or proven with Bystolic to date. I've seen lots of boards which include other symptoms with Bystolic such as sexual dysfunction, hair loss, increased Uric Acid, increased Glucose, low HDL cholesterol, anxiety and mouth and tooth pain. At least the company should be honest about the side effects rather than have us feel it's all in our head or this pill is in some way unique to all other beta blockers.

My feeling is, if your feeling terrible and you need to take a beta blocker, consider the proven and tested beta blockers first, such as Metoprolol, Coreg, Nadolol etc. These beta blockers have been researched for close to 30 years, and have proven efficacy in numerous trials and probably less side effects. TOPROL XL is the chosen beta blocker among some of the best cardiologists in the world. Probably for a reason. This beta blocker together with Propranol are the Gold standard of beta blockers. Proven to reduce anxiety and improve Cardio syptoms. Many have switched back to Metoprolol or Atenolol after several months of trying Bystolic.

ms58 11-20-2009 09:07 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
You may have read my previous posts about beta blockers as you mention a year to get all better, and that was my situation getting off Atenolol.

So, assuming you've read the other posts, I will tell you to give yourself more time for your body to heal from the assault it got from the beta blocker. And to never touch a beta blocker again, any type. If you are affected badly by one you will be effected badly by all of them.

I was switched to a calcium channel blocker, because those of us who have the circulation numbness, etc., from beta blockers, often benefit from calcium channel blockers because they create better peripheral circulation.

If I were you, and I was you a few years ago, I wouldn't start running around to all sorts of doctors looking for the cure to a disease you probably don't have. If you were in good health before the beta blocker effects, as I was and you were, in time you will get better, the blood shot eyes, I had them, the poor circulation, I had them. Over the course of the year, the symptoms went away and I'm fine now.

Give your body time to heal. If after 8 or 10 months, you still see no improvment, then you can get another opinion, but for now, I'd just let time heal you.

dsc3507 11-21-2009 09:46 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. This is such a strange and scary thing to go through! While most if not all of my physical problems have lapsed I am still besieged with these chronic bloodshot eyes. I am concerned about it possibly causing sight issues, which it has not yet. Seeing another eye doctor for a second opinion this week. The first diagnosis was: Scleritis, unspecified, OU

Getting back on my health care soap box for a moment. I am totally disgusted with this pharmaceutical/doctor relationship. When you go to the doctors and you see note pads, posters, etc. with a drugs name on it this should be a real red flag clue that the pusher has been there. Take heed when you see this and do your homework. You are your own best advocate!

mabent 11-21-2009 01:17 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
In your first post you said that your titers were up, but the doctor said you did not have Lyme.
Why did you think you had Lyme? Are you frequently where ticks are? Do you know how he came to that conclusion? My son had Lyme disease several years ago. He had seen a deer tick on his skin but thought nothing of it until he got Bell's Palsy. This was during the time that it seems that 'everyone' was getting it. He went to a Lyme disease specialist and was given antibiotics, which cleared it up; it hasn't returned. This is just a thought, since, as you know, Lyme can mimic all kinds of diseases.
I have taken Bystolic for two years (about) and have had no problems. I also take other BP drugs, and lately my BP has been erratic. I'm not saying it isn't Bystolic which caused your problems - just that perhaps you should have your blood-titer checked again. It couldn't hurt. Good luck!! :angel: Mabent

ACE28 11-22-2009 06:25 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Hi Mabent - I'm glad that Bystolic is still working fine for you. As I mentioned in my previous post, most have almost no side effects form Bystolic, while others have a laundry list of negative side effects. I was taking Bystolic for quite awhile, and I know I can tolerate this beta blocker without any problems. Some years back I was taking Toprol and also tolerated this beta blocker with minimal problems. The reason I stopped taking Toprol back then is because I was also taking an Ace Inhibitor, which increased side effects. My doctor suggested dropping the Toprol and continue with only the Ace Inhibitor at a higher dose. Currently I'm taking Toprol again, the reason I'm taking Toprol is because I've been under alot of stress lately for many reasons. The one advantage I found with Toprol/Metoprolol is during times of stress and anxiety, Toprol definitely dampens the effects of stress. This is why my doctor recommended Toprol several years ago, and the benefit of also controlling my blood pressure. Bystolic is very similar, but Toprol appears to be more effective for the anxiety issues (for me anyway).
Also in the past my blood tests were always pretty normal while taking Toprol, but it appears with Bystolic my cholesterol and glucose levels became elevated. Later I discovered that Bystolic can cause an increase in Glucose and Cholesterol and also increase Uric Acid levels and raise liver enzymes. This caused me some concern because my blood panel has always been pretty good for a number of years. The drug manufacturer claims that Bystolic has less effect than other beta blockers on blood tests and quality of life. The FDA disagrees and cited them for making false claims or minimizing the side effect profile. So for the time being, I'm taking Toprol to see if my liver enzymes remain normal and my cholesterol levels stay more within the normal range. I do believe that Bystolic targets inflammation better than most beta blockers and perhaps most hypertension drugs. My CRP levels were the lowest while taking Bystolic. Research shows that CRP levels are much more important than Cholesterol levels for coronary disease. Statin drugs work very similar to lower CRP, yet they also increase liver enzymes and cause other unwanted side effects. My doctor said blood test results often vary and most of the time they improve. Sometimes we just need more time to adjust to a new medication. I will keep you updated regarding my status while taking Toprol.

ACE28 11-24-2009 01:33 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
I got my blood test results this afternoon. I mentioned in earlier posts about Bystolic causing an increasing Glucose level and higher cholesterol levels. I think I was right. For at least the past year or so. My glucose levels were always above 115. and my LDL cholesterol was over 145. For the past couple of months I switched to Betaxolol (another beta blocker), and because of the FDA recall etc. and MEDCO not stocking this drug any longer, my doctor suggested going back to Toprol. My Glucose level is now 105, and my LDL is 130. The only number that was slightly higher was my Triglycerides which was at 170 versus 145 when taking Bystolic. Increased Triglycerides is what typical beta blockers are known to cause, and I took took that under consideration when I started beta blockers. When my sugar levels began to rise, and my liver enzymes increased (which hasn't happened in over 15 years) I became more concerned. It's possible that these side effects only effect some of us taking Bystolic and probably not most, but after the FDA cited the Bystolic folks for making untrue and false comparisons to other beta blockers, the side effect profile on the Bystolic site now includes abnormal lab results such as High Glucose, Uric Acid, Cholesterol etc...

ACE28 12-15-2009 09:43 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
DSC3507- How are you doing since stopping the Bystolic?

jlynnn5 12-27-2009 03:21 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic

I have been on Bystolic for 5 months at 5mg. I have a fast heart rate and suffer from heart palpatations. well for the past 4 months I have been very very ill. first my vision changed, seeing spots,colors,blurred, as well as lines. then the vertigo began, horrible vertigo,at times i cant even stand, then the horrible body pains started, as well as numbness in limbs,hot and cold sensations,limbs falling asleep all the time. the list goes on and on. I am now loosing large amounts of hair and I am only 26 and there is not one bald woman in the family. i am tired, weak, hard to breath at times, kidney pain,and infection. nail issues swelling of the hands and feet, get skin rashes at times, and itch all over. and i am always cold. I have seen specialist and no cause can be found right now, still waiting for blood work. then i started thinking...all of this happend around the same time i started taking bystolic, i have also found that others have experienced this as well although rare. every doctor knows I am taking bystolic and not one has even so much as mentioned this could be causing some of my symptoms. I am very scared, my symptoms are so bad I cant even drive anymore, i have had MRI and CT scan, came back normal. if this is from bystolic then what i dont understand is why are my symptoms so bad compaired to others.

ms58 12-27-2009 04:14 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
jlynnn5, Obviously I can't say for certain that beta blockers are causing your problems. Tho what you describe has been written by many others. So sometimes you have to take personal responsibility for your own health and not rely just on doctors who don't really know how you are feeling, and when then see a woman, right away they figure, "emotional problems".

As to why your reactions may be worse than others, each person reacts differently, there is no one bad symptom or reaction, there are many. All you can do at this point is start getting off of it and see what happens to you. There are many other BP meds available if necessary.

So ask your doctor to take you off your beta blocker. You will have to reduce the pill slowly and getting off is pretty tough, racing heart, increased anxiety, etc. as your body has to take over as the pills strong effects wear off.

But it's worth it. And over a few months you can see if you feel better, and your hair gets thicker again (mine has), etc. etc.

Get off it (slowly) and don't take another beta blocker. I don't know for sure, but I'm betting big time, within a few months you will start to feel better. And over 8 to 10 months you'll be all better.

Good luck.

ACE28 12-27-2009 07:12 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
JLYNN5 - Your doctor prescribed you a beta blocker for the reasons you mentioned. Heart Palpitations and rapid heartrate are the strongest reasons for prescribing a beta blocker. In turn, beta blockers preserve heart function and have many benefits.

It seems most doctors are prescribing Bystolic at 5mg. a day. I don't agree with the one size fits all theory. It's possible that 2.5mg. a day is just as effective as 5mg. for a fast heart rate. Blood pressure can differ though with lower doses.

Bystolic is a newer drug in the U.S. market, and many doctors are not completely aware of all the possible side effects. Not to sound like I'm advocating beta blockers, but I do feel their are other choices you can try (Older and proven beta blockers) such as Metoprolol and Atenolol. Millions of people are currently prescribed these 2 beta blockers, and are living to ripe old ages with minimal side effects. Bisoprolol/Zebeta is probably the best for excellent heart rate control for a full 24 hours. Many swear that the Quality of Life has definitely improved since taking Zebeta. The downside is, it's the most expensive beta blocker currently on the market. It's very popular in Europe, mainly England.

Bystolic represents the drugs of the future in the U.S. for cardio-issues. It works in ways somewhat different than conventional beta blockers. I'm currently taking Bystolic and have experienced many of the side effects you mentioned. Some of these effects have lessened over time. I had my limbs fall asleep at times when I'm walking and also experience a dry nagging cough. It also appeared to increase my cholesterol and glucose levels. The fatigue is similar with all beta blockers. The reason I continue to take Bystolic is, it's very effective for heart rate control and does not effect my energy levels. Other beta blockers make me feel a bit more lazy and sluggish. Bystolic is also great for inflammatory problems such as Cardio-CRP, which it lowers effectively (better than statins).

Sexual side effects are also very rare. Though in the beginning it appears to effect libido and mood. For many men on beta blockers who had problems with sexual dysfunction, Bystolic reversed this trend and improved all sexual parameters. This worked only for men who had sexual problems with other medications to begin with. Bystolic does not lower testosterone levels and works to increase Nitric Oxide levels, through the Arginine pathways. This is similar to what Viagra does. Many on Viagra have many side effects, including vision problems. I also have (as you mentioned) more eye problems, such as floaters, and occasional blurriness. The only concern I have is the possible side effects because of this newer pill with unique mechanisms.

If you continue with the side effects or worsening of the side effects, ask your doctor if you can take the lower dose pill, which is 2.5 mg. Many have noticed a big difference. If not their are several other beta blockers which I mentioned.

ACE28 01-20-2010 09:13 PM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Jlynn5 - Last month you reported some terrible side effects with Bystolic. Are you still taking Bystolic and have the side effects lessened? If they haven't, I hope you switched to another medication. At times, we need to be our own doctor, You know the saying "If it looks like a duck, it probably is a duck". Cause and Effect are important in your case. All these symptoms seemed to occurr at the time you started taking a new medication. If you are also taking other medications, their may be a negative interaction. Hair loss and cold extremities and shortness of breath are definitely side effects. You are much too young to have these problems. Most important, with dozens of medications available, they are completely unnecessary.

dsc3507 02-18-2010 12:07 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
Just responding to those who asked about my progress. I had been taking Bystolic late last spring and summer and had terrible side effects. It took MANY months of being off of it for all of the symptoms to go away. While I cannot absolutely say it was the Bystolic that caused the problems I am certainly not going to experiment by going back on again. I have started taking magnesium daily and I have always taken many supplements.

As a recap about 2 month after starting Bystolic, my doctor had me up to 10mg daily, I began experiencing severe muscle and joint pain. I was tired, often felt feverish and generally felt like I had aged about 30 years! I had limbs falling asleep, especially in bed, and would wake up with severe pain in those limbs. I had some nerve damage and it took many months to recover. My last reaction was severely bloodshot eyes that required a steroidal eye drop to clear up.

Fortunately this is behind me but even though I knew better back then, in my weakness at the time, I started the Bystolic. All I can say is that prescription drugs do far more damage then is widely known. It is buyer beware and you need to take the responsibility to know all the facts before you start taking any drug. My faith in doctors knowing or caring about this is close to zero. Whenever you go to your doctor and you see ads or posters for a drug plastered all over you know that the pusher has been there and that probably that doctor is being rewarded for prescibing that drug. My doctor told me how great Bystolic was with absolutely no warnings.

The fact is drugs can and do in many cases cause severe reactions. I read about jlynn5's reactions and it made mine, although severe to me, pale by comparison. So by all means get off of it if you start to have reactions. I truly believe I would be dead today if I had stayed on the Bystolic.

ACE28 02-18-2010 08:12 AM

Re: Problems from Bystolic
dsc3507 - I'm glad to hear that the side effects have improved. Are you now medication free? Is the Magnesium controlling your blood pressure? You mention that you are not sure whether Bystolic was causing your symptoms.
As everyone is different, once a drug is stopped, you should feel some relief after a couple of weeks. After a couple of months, side effects should be gone. If symptoms still continue or worsen, it's probably not the medication.

P.S. Thanks for the update...Some on this board post their side effects, negative reactions, but never followup so we can learn if it's really a med. side effect, or other possible conditions...

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