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Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help

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Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help

Lyme Disease- HELP PLEASE?
I was bitten by a tick three years ago (the tick was attached to my skin, on my right leg). I found the tick while I was showering. My friend removed the tick as she knew how to. I was perfectly fine after the tick bite. No symptoms, no rash, no complications, etc.
If I remember correctly, the tick was really small and its whole body was attached to my skin.

Two weeks ago, I went to the woods/park for an outdoor activity. This park is known to be infested with ticks. I had my friend check me for ticks after the trip, We did not find any ticks attached.

However, following the same night I went into the woods, I felt chills for a good 15-30 minutes. I thought it was weird but didn't think too much into it. Suddenly two days after I went into the woods, I developed a skin rash on my stomach that consists of a light pink patch with clusters of pimples and blisters that itches, burn and sting. Its been a little over a week and the red patch has began to heal, both in size and redness. However, the small clusters of pimples/blisters are still present.Although it itches from time to time, I have done a good job at not scratching it, but for some reason the tip of each pimples/blisters seem to have bleed, as it seem to have dried blood on the tip of it. I searched this rash up, other then a tick rash, it could be heat rash, as I was in the sun doing outdoor activities so I did sweat a lot that day.

I am also developing two other small size rashes on my back that also seem to have maybe three-four small pimples within it. I have been monitoring the rashes and it has not gotten any bigger, given that I barely scratched it, although it does itch.

At the same time as I developed the rash on my stomach, I felt super tired during the evening for two days, and at one point, I felt like I was out of it when I was at the mall (I felt dizzy and everything was kind of foggy (I may have made that up in my head telling myself to feel sick as I have been researching this topic. OR it could had been stress as I thought about it all day. I felt better after I went to sleep though). Also, about 6 days later, I woke up and a spot on my inner right thigh felt like it was being stabbed by a needle ( skin sensitivity). It lasted for about 2 hours and less than one day.

I somewhat have a mini headache, muscle ache, and i feel like my throat is starting to hurt and have a tiny ear ache. I am not sure if I am making these symptoms up as I research lyme disease. The more I read, the worst I feel. Meaning, I might be making myself believe I have these symptoms.

Do you think this could be a sign of lyme disease. Either an earlier sign (maybe from my most recent trip to the wood, although I did not find any ticks attached) or one of the later stage that is starting to flare up from my tick bite three years ago. Could I possibly develop a rash three years later that is not even in the same site as the tick bite.

I would've to say the tick was attached to my skin for at least 8 hours before I found it and had it tweezed off. I do not think the tick was attached to my skin for more than one day.

I am super scared after reading all of the lyme disease stories. Do lyme disease last forever even if caught at an early stage? PLEASE help. I booked an appointment with my doctor but will not be seen until a few weeks as my dr appointment are all filled at the moment.

Also, for the past 6 months, at times, my stomach constantly feel bloated, I have pelvic pain, my bowel movement has changed, and my menstrual cycle has been a little weird. Not sure if this is related but I read on the internet lyme disease can cause stomach problems. I am not too sure how though.

Also, can you give me an estimated cost of how much it cost to treat lyme disease with and without insurance.

SORRY that this post is so long.

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Re: Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help

Yes it definatley could be lyme. Also could be any other numerous things ticks carrry...Sorry for the bad news.

If I were you I would no longer go where you know there is a big tick infestation. I now do not go walking,hiking nor take my dogs in any counties that I know have a lyme issue. Which is many. Where I live there ticks are seldom seen so far.

Also I would call your doctor office and request being put on a call list. You are right. The longer you wait for a diagnoises the harder it is to get rid of it. Even though I learned the hard way like many others that g.p's and infectious disease doctors do not treat lyme with the right protocol. And MANY of them will ignore your problem stuff you with antidepressants, pain pills and nothing that helps the problem.

It would be wise for you to get into a Lyme specialist. Most do not take insurance because the insurance companies fight them on the treatment. So it will need to come out of pocket in most cases. You might turn in your bill to your insurance company and see if they will reimburse you for anything.

The best lab to go through is Igenex. They are in Palo Alto ca. You can send off for a lab kit and have your doctor sign for you to have it. BUT even though I used them it still did not show positive for me.

Testing for lyme is not accurate. There are many reasons such as the bacteria imbeddes in muscle, organs, including the brain, bone ..anywhere that there is not oxygen.
And there are 300 to 400 different strains of lyme bacteria. Most labs do not test for them all. I do think if you talk with some one at Igenex they ask you what area of the country you live and set you up with a kit for testing the types of bacteria most commonly found.

I hope you find some one to help you soon.
You can look from where you are sitting for a Lyme Support Group in your area. Contact the head person and see if they can suggest a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor in your area.

Just to let you know Lyme is in the syphillis family. It can be spread through sex, blood transfusion, a bug bitting you and carrying it to another person.

Good Luck!


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pleasehelp101 HB User
Re: Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help

Thanks for replying. I'll try to push the receptionist to let me get an earlier appointment date. If not, do you know if walk in clinics test for things like this?

UPdate on my symptoms: last night my whole body itched. Which ever spot I scratched on my skin, a small bug like bump would appear and then disappear once I leaf it alone. Also, just a few minutes ago, I felt like my mouth/lip feels a bit funny. It feel as if it is going numb or kind of tingly. Is this the beginning of Bell's Palsy?

Any suggestions?

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Re: Tick Bite-lyme disease-please help

You need to find a ILADS trained LLMD. (Lyme Literate MD). ONly an LLMD can get you well. A regular doctor cannot.

Lyme, unfortunatley, can be expensive to treat. The best LLMD's usually don't take insurance (my first visit was $450...follow ups are every 2 months for $165). The drugs are usually cheap, but there are exceptions.

You can get well if you get to an LLMD. I'm almost 95% and only have 4 remaining mild symptoms after being about 25% and more than 65 symptoms 6 months ago.

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