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  • My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

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    Old 04-22-2004, 11:18 AM   #1
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    Sleepless_in_Ms HB User
    Unhappy My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    Hi All,
    I am new to this message board ,but thank God I found it . My son is 14 now and has been misdiagnosed for 9 yrs now . I was told he had ADHD and has always been treated for it. He started haveing outbursts I took him to doctor after doctor . He's been on Ritilin(allergic) ,Adderall(caused him to have depression),Depakote(did nothing) ,Zoloft(made outbursts worse),.He's been to therapists,psycologists,now a Psychiatrist. I had him what they call Neurofeedback well he started self mutalating(cutting) the schools don't understand . I had a Quanative EEG done on him and found yes he is ADHD but with that has been diagnosed as haveing ADHD,ODD,CD,emoitionally disturbed, and now bipolar. The meds he has been on is unreal . As of now he is on Straterra, Seroquel,ansd Risadol. Next week when he goes back the doc wants him to start lamictil. I feel like I am on a roller coater with no way off. I had to take him out of school because his behavior isn't where they wanted it.He went to altetrnative schools and couldn't function there either (I believe it';s because these people just don't know how to handle kids with these problems.) I just last monday put him back in regular school and low and behold he was there 4 days and was already up for expulsuon.Get this because his teacher didn't follow his IEP plan and he had an outburts and was I'm told rude and obnoxious (violation of letter of assurance). I feel like it's his teachers fault (this time) and she got no punishment . Well they put him a self contained class that he seems to like however he just started this class yesterday. Today I went to a Social Worker begging for help and he made me feel abit better and is willing to work with my child as far as behavior modification combined with his meds. Also we are going to start a petition to help kids like this . I started out going to schol for Criminal Justice and I have now decided I will persue my BSW it is a way I can help other children considering I'm praying that my child will be fixed by the time i'm done. Our children deserve better than they get and I will fight tooth and nail to see that my child and every child like him are helped . Sorry I have been rambling but I kind of get worked up when I talk about my child's problems and the school system.I have so much built up and have actually only told half his story here there is wayyyyyyyyyy more to tell . I'll save it for later . Thanks for taking the time out to listen and hope everyone else can get the help they need to fix the problems in their life and their childrens life .

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    Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    Welcome to the board!

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    Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    Hi Star

    I take it you have tried gluten-free, casein free?


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    jacksinn HB User
    Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    I have a child who has impulse problems and that is it and I have nothing but problems getting these teachers to understand that they get paid to deal with my son they make more than I do and i have people with alzheimers to deal with because thats my job and I have no sympathy for them. Ill pray for you and your son. Very hard to get cooperations for anyone in the school system. Vent to us anytime. jackie

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    denisek HB User
    Talking Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    Hi Star! I just read your letter it is so similar to my situation with my 14 yr old. He is my brother but I have been raising him since he was 8. Kyle that's his name was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, adhd, epilapsy and tourettes syndrome when he was 8. I have had problems with schools from day one. He read your letter with me and felt better about himself because he wasn't alone. He has been in core classes, he has been labled the class clown, he has been subject to suspension cause of classroom outbourts lack of concentration. My husband was recently diagnosed as Bi-polar too he is'nt blood related to Kyle but it is interesting to see the differences in adult to child hang in there. I have for the most part decided to home school Kyle if the school calls me or sends me one more letter. I have also considered t teacher confrence with all six of his teachers to discuss his abilities and his disadvantages and three of the teachers didn't atted the confrence and still cause problems for Kyle. That just goes to show you the caring adults that are teaching are kids are not all that caring. Hang in there! Denise

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    Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    I know we're kind of straying off the topic of bipolar specifically, but this is some very important stuff, and it does affect the bipolar child.
    My son is bipolar as well as high functioning autistic. We've gone round and round with the school system as well, and have gone as far as due process, and filing a lawsuit against the school district in a state court system.

    Three things I really have to recommend strongly is that you:
    First keep a dated notebook/journal/diary with all the stuff that happens with the school in it. That's legally admissible to prove when things happened, and what happened - and that can be very important.
    Second, from here on out do ALL of your communication with the school in writing, or at least give them a dated letter with the same things you're telling them, when you talk to them. Keep a copy for yourself. And if they will not agree to respond in writing at first (many won't to try to prevent you from having any proof of conversations), immediately send them a letter after every verbal response they give you which tells them back exactly what they told you, and that unless they correct any errors in it in writing within 10 days, it will be an agreement on their part that what you wrote is exactly what they said.
    Third, go in to the school and ask (in writing of course) for a copy of all of the child's school records. A parent is legally entitled to obtain a copy of all of these. (They are allowed to charge you a reasonable copying fee.)

    Try to stay away from the lawyers... it will literally cost you a fortune to get one to take your case anywhere, and in all honesty, you probably won't win. And if your school district is like my children's, they have insurance against lawsuits, so the threat of losing money is really not very scary to them. There's a retired lawyer in Virginia I think, who is active in special ed law, and publishes alot of articles and things on his pages. His name is Reed Martin, and you should be able to find him in your favorite search engine. He has alot of excellent info, and his place is where I learned what I know.

    Finally, the opinion I've formed based on my dealings in my school district anyway is that in general the teachers truly WANT to help the kids, but its the administration, and the budget cutters and bean counters who rob the kids of the education they deserve.

    Sorry for writing a novel here... I hope this helps some. If you're wondering my bipolar son is no longer in the public school system, and he's doing great.

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    sadie46534 HB User
    Re: My son just recently diagnosed Bi-Polar

    Watch the med cocktails. Do your research ask questions no matter how odd or dumb you may think they are. We went in blind when ours was 6. Couldnt seem to find anyone who would test with something other then ADHD tests. i truly believe that there are so many miss diagnosed children in our country. I wont even get into that who discussion as it makes me soooooo angry. Our fight with public school to have him qualified as emotionally handicapped ended up being a lets humor this family because if we dont they will yell lawsuit. We had him tested and accepted for EH class with it being part time and when he had anxiety or other problems during the school day. Then and only then did we find out they based their decision on a ADHD testing protocal. We were irate. People referencing him as such is wrong and people assuming he is ADHD is wrong. we correct them but the school thing was the last straw. He was punished so much that he spent every class but regular class in a chair at a table alone. WOW! talk about boosting self esteme and social acceptance! Everytime he looked wrong at another student or touched (non violently) another student we got the call to pick him up. Spent more time in school then he did fighting for his right to an education in a freindly atmosphere. Teach positive and you get positive results. Well we ended up taking out of public school and I home school. That has its good and bad days but we work at his pace and it goes along. from K thru 3rd we struggled with them. When we got report cards they said promoted and when we requested his school records at the start of our school yr we discovered they had passed him along. I had to reteach a child who in MS. was in all day kinergarten and well ahead of the students here was put in 1/2 day kindergarten and was called behind. When him and his dad moved here to live with me (we met online and had been friends for 3 1/2 yrs prior) he was such a bright child with so much yearning for knowledge and now was at a 1st grade education level. We were told by quite a few in the public school system that it isnt a place for handicapped children regardless of the handicap. We found out when I had to teach him first grade in a forth grade setting. My blood boils everytime I think about it. Thank god there are those of us that CAN step in and show our children (regardless of their imperfections) that they matter and are important. I pat us all on the back for our strength and unconditional love and support we give all our children. WE all are a team alone!! Call the state board of education in your state and notify them you plan to home school (if you plan too). That covers your butt all the way around. I have assisted many people within the mental health facility our son is involved in with what to do about school systems. We have to fight for their rights at all costs. God bless.

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