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HelpMeHoldOn 01-28-2006 09:40 PM

**update On My Son**
About 3 weeks ago, my son was put on seroquel 100mg x 2 daily and klonopin x 2 daily. He has schizoaffective disorder.


1-much less anxiety and panic.
2-does not seemed so doomed and depressed.
3-has much more patience, ESPECIALLY with his 10 year old brother.

Not so good/ or questionable:

1- sleeping patterns, sometimes goes 2 days w/o sleep, insomnia, sleeps at different hours when he does sleep, like one day he will sleep and then 2 days later sleep at night, and so on.
2- says that a couple hours before his next pill is due, the voices (chatter) come back.
3- he can take a pill and be drugged up looking in an hour and then jump up and his eyes pop open, and he has a burst of energy for hours?
4- WAY, WAY more argumentive towards me.
5- starts the strangest conversations about just things that pertain to nothing :dizzy:

I am so confused, tired, annoyed, and I am waiting to get help for
"myself" until he is stable and I don't know how much longer I can "handle" my own things........................

Down and out and falling to the bottom :rolleyes:

barbaric_yawp 01-30-2006 07:35 AM

Re: **update On My Son**

I am sorry to hear you are struggling again, it looks like you have him under a docs supervision..?? Yes? By that I mean someone you give regular updates to? Sounds like he might need a tweak in his meds...keep well...

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