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Raven Rain 10-03-2006 08:14 AM

New show Heros
Does anyone watch this show? Any thoughts on it. They specifically metnioned BP last night and I was curious what others thought.

Aliryn 10-06-2006 06:11 PM

Re: New show Heros
[FONT="Arial"]I saw that. What they actually said was that [I]depression[/I] can start with all of the grandiose/euphoria/etc stuff, don't remember the exact words.
Frankly, my mom (who's major depressive) and I (who am bipolar) were rather ticked off at that. That describes bipolar, not depression.
However, my whole family (mom, me, and my perfectly mentally healthy brother (how does he get all the luck?)) has been watching the show and find it interesting so far... really, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Although my mom and I [I]really[/I] didn't like some of that stuff in the first ep... eh heh... whatever. My mom said she wouldn't be able to keep watching it if it kept up with being so violent... I'd be able to watch it, but it isn't pleasant. I mean, come on--people's empty skulls showing? And those dead guys in her trunk... sigh. But we are gonna keep watching it. I find DO find it interesting so far... [/FONT]

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