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suzannecaroline 10-26-2006 10:29 PM

does this sound familiar to anyone?
bipolar is the diagnosis and yes i agree i get manic at times. Shop like crazy, drink like a fish, do stupid things but on the other hand very fun productive and creative. Well the depression side of it all comes from when i am doing stupid manic things in other words regreting things ive done. is this truely bipolar? what is the manicy type of bipolar called? ive had doctors say that i am hypomanic.

i also do not think that antidepressents are needed in my particular case but sometimes I feel like crap... maybe its the lamictal. Which i think is So overrated. its not a bad drug but not a miracle like the doc would like to think.

I am also a severe insomniac, a bit paranoid and a little hyper.
also drug of choice is xanax. its a cure all... but very addictive

crazywoman77 10-27-2006 12:54 AM

Re: does this sound familiar to anyone?
wow suzzane you just descibed me in your post lol it is hard to accept the diagnosis but untill you do you cant get the right treatment what you described the behaviour i can relate too when i am manic i turn into a drunken shopaholic i am an embarassement to myself and my family and i can easily spend the next 2 months beating myself up about it and get into a depression over it. My advice is stick with the meds and talking things through with your pdoc or therapist, i find if i talk things through with them i genrally feel a bit better and see that i am behaving irrationally sorry its not much help but good luck and god bless:angel:

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