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Lanugo 10-28-2006 04:28 AM

Awaiting diagnosis
I'm waiting for my referral to the mental health department and when I'm ill I have no concept of time so I feel like I've been waiting forever-my husband tells me it's been two weeks. I have never been diagonsed but I know myself and I know my patterns. I've dodged diagnosis as long as possible but now I can feel myself going again I know I need help this time. I have a little boy now so I have to be at my best for him. Added pressure.

I have been getting sick for 11 years now and have had two of my paranoid episodes in the last 4 years - it could be worse, I know. I feel like that because I'm only self-diagnosed I'm not getting any help yet. I only have myself to blame for this. I'm so self aware-which is both good and bad. No one is going fast enough for me at the moment including the health professionals. I have the urge to do everything all at once and my brain keeps tripping up on it's own thoughts because there are too many of them.

I'm having a hard time, but at least I know I am.

MSLAINIE 10-28-2006 05:15 AM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
Hi Lanugo,
My Son Is Bipolar But I Will Tell You. I Would Be Nuts Waiting 2 Wks That Is Unacceptable. You Need To Call Doc And Get In Asap Or Think About Getting A Psy Eval At A Hospital. When My Son Was Ready For Help, He Was 13. I Was Turned Down At 2hospitals Because Of Age. He Was Tired Of Waiting So He Didnt See A Doc That Day. I Finally Had To Do A 302 Involuntary. He Was Not Sleep For Days And It Was Bad. So I Hope You Can Call A Doc Who Will See You Right Away...or Go To Hospital. I Found With My Son Who Now 15 3/4 When He Wants To Do Something I Try To Arrange It Right Away.
He Takes Meds A Combo And It Is A Trial In Beginning. Keep A Log Or Note Book . Also My Son Has No Concept Of Time Either. Dont Be Scared Of The Diagonsed, You Should Be Proud Of Yourself To Take The Hard Step Of Seeing A Doc. You Are A Good Mom, Your Putting Your Son 1st. I Have To Say 2 Weeks Is Forever For Me Or Anyone Bipolar Or Not. So Hopefully You Can Get An Appointment Soon. My
Son Tells Me All The Time He Is So Much Better.
Good Luck

seeangel 10-28-2006 01:08 PM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
::) hi hunn, i know exacvtly how you feel having to wait for assessment. my daughter is 14 and weve had to wait two weeks and thats with a social worker on our side and a doctor sending more faxes over as the episodes of high and low mood and violence become worse. all i can tell you is what weve been advised here in the uk. iff you become real concerned about your state you can voluntarily admit yourself to casualty where they have their own mental health team. they will see you as anyone seen in triage has aright to be seen. or you could get your husband to go back to doctors and push sometimes you have to be persistent hunn . at present im that close to taking my daughter to casualty thats iff she dont get arrested first, be proud and commend yourself for admitting youre ill and that you want to be helped, unfourtuantly mental health is on the increase moneys tight and theres a waiting list , so dont feel youre being forgoten cause youre not and yes when youre ill a two week wait does feeel like a year. good luck xxxlet me know :angel:

Lanugo 11-30-2006 03:28 PM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
Still waiting. I feel funny. I got all angry on the bus and the adrenelin made me want to pass out. I was referred to the phsychotherapy department. Will this help at all?! How can you get counselled out of feeling all chemical? I'm finding working really hard and have the added pressure of having to support my little family on tiny temping money. My husband says he doesn't know how I'm doing it (working two jobs and keeping the family afloat), neither do I. Someone at work said they felt shell-shocked after a minutes interaction with me. This made me feel ever more 'watched'. And now I've gone and applied for a permanent job which is stressing me out, and I think I've only done it for the sick-leave benefits. I keep taking the diazepam, that my GP prescribed me to tide me over, at work but it just makes me feel silly when I'm up and dead when I'm down.
I can't believe I'm still waiting to be seen. I'm so upset and my husband cares more about us not having sex than he does about me. The SSRI I was taking brought me out in mania and I'm so sick of professionals not knowing what they're doing with me. I have serious trust issues with doctors as it is - after becoming convinced by Michel Foucault and his writings.
I'd ether hurt myself...bad or run away if I didn't have my little boy. I couldn't leave him with just my husband - he's way too angry. I don't think I can give this little boy the life he deserves.
What's a girl to do?
Lanugo xx

The Phoenix 11-30-2006 08:28 PM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
[I]oh honey calm down just 2 months ago i felt like you even worse i have 3 kids but was worried about my stability as a parent and at this point 2 months later on 4 meds i feel so great not manic /high great but actually normal hey I'm happy feelings and you will find this too stay strong as you are don't dought yourself you have all it takes or you wouldn't be here take care blessings to your family :angel: phoenix[/I]

Lanugo 12-14-2006 02:23 PM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
Still waiting.

Lanugo 02-21-2007 11:59 PM

Re: Awaiting diagnosis
Don't have to wait much longer. My psych referral has finally come through after around 4 months! They 1st of all sent me for psychotherapy but they rejected me without even seeing me! Then I got redirected to the community mental health team. It's taken ages but at least it's all free - the good and bad of living in Britain.

Just got to see how it goes now. But there's not much they can do for me now that I'm pregnant again!



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