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twoways 11-11-2006 01:56 PM

how about the physical symptons?
I have been diagnosed a bipolar case five years ago. The diagnose was a relief and explained a lot. It was the missing key to everything. The medication, lithium and seroquel, worked well and didn't cause too many side effects. I was a typical bipolar with typical symptoms until I brought up my unexplained physical symptoms in my bipolar support group and nobody else had ever had anything like I had.
Every now and then I get really extremely tired and feel really weak and ill. It hits like a rock from above. My body temperature rises a little and I have pain all over my body.(no cold or flu involved). This happens perhaps once in two months. I better just lie down and wait till its over, if possible, which may take a couple of days. My mood does not turn to depresson, I can plan what I do when I am better again or design furniture, paintings or just christmas decoration or whatever in my mind. If I would feel depressed the way I understand depression, I couldnt think of anything creative and least likely the future, cause right then I wouldnt feel like I have one.
Anyway, it's this extreme fatigue without hopelessness or suicidal thoughts that bothers me. My group, after seeing me like that once, told me I should see a doctor. It was nothing they had ever been through. Yet my doctor tells me I'm depressed! And I can't remember having mania or anything just before. Can sometimes only my body be depressed? Has anyone else had this "physical depression"? Cause it really scares me when it hits me.

Happy Girl 11-11-2006 03:01 PM

Re: how about the physical symptons?
I know that there are several co-mobidities to BP, one being Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Your physical symptoms could very well be a co-morbid factor which will trigger a mania/low when the symptoms arise.
Just a thought...if your doc doesn't listen to your complaints & doesn't address them, just writing them off as depression, why not see another doc? Get a second opinion.
Hope you find the answers you need! :D

sadflash 11-11-2006 03:43 PM

Re: how about the physical symptons?

I am very new to this, and don't have much advice on the subject, except that i agree with Happy Girl....

My wife was recently diagnosed, but prior to that she was in the throws of rapid manic and depressive episodes... She was away on a trip, and called me and told me that she was sure she had the flu. full body aches, tired, sore throat. She went to the doctor, and the doc was sure she had strep throat, but the tests came back negative... I think there may be more to what you are experiencing. maybe you should look into getting a second opinion.

twoways 11-12-2006 02:28 AM

Re: how about the physical symptons?
Thank you for yor comments!

I visited the site of the chronic fatigue syndrome and it seems to fit perfectly. I can go through the list and agree with all the symptoms. There was only that tiny little sentence in the very end of the list of the symptoms saying: before diagnosing this syndrome the doctor has to make sure the patient hasnt got "any other severe illness, hiv or bipolar disorder". So the way I understand that is that I can't have both CFS and BP? And that in BP you may have the same symptoms than in CFS. Anyway, CFS is very new diagnosis herearound, and doctors drop it in the same basket with yeast syndrome or organic dust problems and rather stick to the old better known ones. But I will study those sites a bit more anyway. Thanks!

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