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  • Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

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    Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    I"m concerned and worried that If I continue to miss days at work on and off that I will lose my job.
    I started this new job 4 months ago when it wasn't at it's stressfull peak time.
    I've recieved nothing but praise and compliments with the amount of work I do but I am beginning to miss days now due to the high pressure of the job.
    it peaks when school starts and goes down in the summer months.
    I was hired in the Spring.
    I was diagnosed with bipolar years ago but I always denied I had it and said they were making a mistake in the diagnosis.
    I finally gave in two years ago and went for therapy and even tried the horrible medications they use to treat it and I find each one they try to be horrible in the side effects that I can't stay on them long enough to see if they work. I'm thinking maybe I don't have it?
    they also say I have G.A.D. (general anxiety disorder) not panic attacks and they also said I have "post traumatic stress disorder" which I found that to be a shocker too.
    I have been battling with myself for years now and decided to go on prozac which worked for alittle while but then I switched to zoloft which I love even more. there was no side effects with either of them.
    but now that my stress level is rising and I had a strange attack yesterday when I went to work, I was so bad off that I couldnt' even answer the phones to take messages. it embarrassing and I"m ashamed that a few coworkers now know that I have a mental disorder.
    my question is: Is there a law to protect people with mental disorders?
    I saw a certificate on the wall of my job that they particpate in hiring people with disabilities. but they weren't aware of mine when I was hired.
    I have a very difficult time keeping jobs due to my illnessess and find that in stressfulll situations that I just lose it at times.
    this is not good behavior but I can't stop the feelings that take over when all hell is breaking lose around me and things are going too fast.
    I've even walked off jobs. it seems to build.
    I feel like I"m going nuts and I"m scared.
    I stopped therapy about five months ago thinking everything was ok and that I got better. but low and behold, there's all kinds of stressfull things going on with my young adult children and between the job and my personal life, I can't take it.
    it's beginning to effect my mind and physical body again.
    I left work yesterday with my boss fully understanding my situation and she said I need to get on the proper medication and not just an antidepressent but soemthing for the bipolar. I called the mental health clinic yesterday to see if they have an opening for me again and it's a matter of me waitng for the director to call me back today to let me know if there's a waiting list or if they can fit me in with someone new. my therapist I used to have there left.
    I'm frightened as heck to really take the medicine because of the side effects. but on the other hand, I don't want to lose the only job I found so far that anyone has ever understood me and has given me so much slack.

    that's how much they love me there.

    but it is a company and they do need someone to fill my position and If I can't do it, then they'll hire someone else. I can't take this personal because it's buisness. my boss hasn't said that to me yet, but I know it's coming.
    the director of the place I work at now knows I have a condition.
    can he fire me?

    if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    thank you,


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    I also suffer from bipolar as well as other mental issues, and my pdoc filled out forms for me to have FMLA, family medical leave act. it protects you from losing your job when you have to repeatedly miss work. have you tried that?

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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    thank you red,
    No, I didn't even know that such a thing existed. not until you just told me.
    do I go to human resources to get this form?
    I also have a multiple diagnosis so am not sure which one I truely have.
    I seem to think I have more of the G.A.D. rather than the Bipolar, but my psychiatritst I was seeing and many other drs thru the course of the years has always pointed to bipolar.
    I had a hemotolgist diagnosis me with the GAD.
    I am trying to get back into my clinic for therapy and to adjust or change the meds I'm on.
    I am petrifited of trying to get on a med. that controls the bipolar. I have very bad reactions to any of the anti psychotics and even the other medicaiton they give so frequently but can't think of the name of it right now.
    I'm going back into work today and feel so afraid to go back thinknig that they all may not want me now that they know I have an illness.
    they'll be watching me closely I"m sure.
    my boss told me to come today only to try and see if I can do it.
    I told her I was ready to come back today and that's when she replied to me "see if I can manage it".
    I'm so confused.
    thank you so much for listening to me and giving me the time to make me aware of this form.
    I apprecite you help immensly.


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    I just reread where you said to get the form from. from my psychiatrist.
    when they're able to take me back, which there's a waiting list I"m just put on, I will ask her then.
    I just hope it's not too late by that time.

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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    When I was missing so much work from med changes i was given the FMLA form from my human resources person at work. Then my dr. filled out the form. The FMLA law is good for 1 year here in the state of Texas. This law does protect you from getting fired for that medical reason. I am not sure how this works in other states.

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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    well Dragon 25, they did it to me.
    I was told yesterday at the end of my work day, actually an hour before my work day was to end, that they were letting me go.
    my boss called me into her office and another person from administration was in there waiting too and she told me they had to let me go.
    I was dumb found and didn't blink an eye or cry but just smiled and apologized that I couldn't keep up with the pace of the job and that the condition of the job effected my health problem.
    we all felt bad about it and it happened so quickly all within five minutes.
    she kept the other staff away from me so that she made sure I was alone when collecting my personal things to take with me. she told me that all my coworkers didn't know yet what happend and that she'd tell them when I left.
    she followed me to the door, took my name badge after I signged out, she held me and we both cried and I told her it was a blessing to have known her. she cried and couldn't go back into the room yet. I walked down the stairs trying not to cry.
    It was evident that this was going to happen. I never told them I had an illness when I started there, but neither did they tell me that this job was a very fast paced and stressfull job.
    I was not warned, othewise I wouldnt have taken the job.
    As soon as I arrived home, I went on line to begin the process to send a claim for unemployment benefits.
    In one of the process pages, I was to chose which one effected me by losing my job. one, it asked if the job was terminated due to the company closing down, or something like that.
    2nd, it asked if I was "let go" because I couldnt meet the job qualifications, and other things related to that kind of reason,
    3rdly, it asked if I was "fired" due to "absentisim", "drug abuse", or "theft" which all reasons in the "fired" section were all lumped into very bad reasons.
    I don't know whether I got "fired" or "let go" which seems to make a very big difference to the Labor dept. of New York.
    I'm sure I'll be recieving a phone call from them asking me what happened.
    I understand that they will also conact my job and hopfully they don't speak with human resources but hopefully to my boss on the unit I worked.
    she undestood with human compassion and kindness towards me like no one else has ever done to me on a job.
    she told me a few months ago when she first saw I was losing weight and that the job was effecting my health that she was giving me the ok to go so I didnt' get sick even worst. she explained to me that it's a very stressfull job and that not all people can do it and that it wasnt' a bad reflection on me.
    she said it's like trying to put a square block into a circled hole. it just doesnt fit. I should've taken the opportunity then to go and not keep trying to stay there to see if it would work.
    when I returned to work yesterday after having taken off monday and tues. to get my head and nerves together, that it took all my courage to go back yesterday and face them all.
    I felt distanced from some of them, the head honcho's that is.
    I KNEW that soemthing was going on but wasn't sure if it was all in my head.
    I even went to my boss in the morning and told her that I felt that others were treating me different and she told me curtly that alot was going on there and that alot of discharges were happening there in the hospital and we werent' filling the beds quickly enough which in turn was making alot of people in bad moods and that I shouldn't take it so darn personal.
    she said it so harshly to me that it hurt me.
    so really I wasn't imagining it. I can feel things from people around me easilly. I can never act upon my hunches because I never have 100% proof whether it's just in my mind that's creating it or if it's really real.
    this time i was correct.
    I woke up at 1 a.m. this morning thinking about what happened. I'm in a state of panic because they didn't even give me two weeks notice of time to even find another job.
    I have a car payment that I have to pay, and car insurance and I need gasoline and have to pay alot of other bills too.
    what am I going to do if I dont' get assistance from unemployemnt because they think I got fired for absenteism? (spelling?)
    I have to tell them that I wasn't missing work due to lazyiness, but that I have a chronic health problem that might not even be accepted by disablity. I never applied for disablity yet.
    I did consider it when I was in therapy and they thought I should try it but they say that a person can walk in there with one arm, apply for disablity and not get assistance.
    yet have another person go in there to apply who doesn't really have anything wrong with them and they'll be the one to get the assistance.
    so go figure.
    either way I go, I can't win.
    I feel like life is against me and I feel like a damn loser. as if I'm a reject in life.
    I cant' hold a job. I try so hard to get and keep top paying jobs like in offices. but my chronic mental and health problem won't allow me to be like other people.
    I want wiht all my might to be normal and to keep a job till I retire and be able to my 401 K established. I have nothing for my future egg.
    nothing in the savings, nothing to even pay for my funeral in case I should die suddenly.
    can you recommend anything that I can say to the representative that is going to call me to discuss what happend with my job?
    I really really appreciate the fact I can come here, pour out my heart and even get some suggestions.
    thank you for your time and for you suggestions.
    it's very appreicated,


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Hi, this is my first time on this site. dunno if I'm doing the right thing or what by replying in this way so please be patient. I can't answer anything about American employment law, and although I'm a Brit, i can't answer for English law either. What I do know is that to be in this position is completely crazy. Ihad an episode at work. Told my doctor - gave me months off, five to be precise. I received assistance from what they call Occupational Health Advisor, who referred me to an 'anger manager'. It didn't work and I told theOHA that it wasn't working - no coping strategies in place etc. She didn't listen and gradually reintroduced me into work. Within weeks I grabbed a youth by the throat. The OHA had an appointment with me, asked me how it was going. Told her the same again and about the incident. Immediately she sent me to a Psychiatrist - paid for by my employer. He asked me about my family history, and 'hey presto' when I told him my father was BP, he instantly told me that I was as well!!! My job told me to go home. Don't come into work until I'm told to.
    My job OHA told me to go to my Doctor to start meds.
    My Doctor told me he didn't believe I was a full blown BP case and said I should consider a second opinion. I paid for it myself. It was the same result. Now though, i have to wait to see another Phsychiatrist to start me on the meds and so far I've been on paid absence for around 2 months. Great!! Fine!! People at work are calling me mad, They tell me things are 'different' now I've been diagnosed with this 'problem' as they call it. I had literature about anger management placed on my work desk, my wife treats me as though I'm a complete 'loon-ball'. My senior management won't let me back into work until the meds are stabilised - which would be nice if I was taking them yet, and they're asking me if i know of any post I can fill where I won't come into contact with the public.

    In short Linda, I've just been diagnosed with BP. I don't know my *** from my elbow from one day to the next in the mental capacity, so people shut you out of their 'domain' so's you don't cause them any problems. It's as if they somehow expect me to turn into the Hulk when I see them. I'm lucky I guess. One shrink's told me I'm a rapid cycler - the other won't put a label on it. I'm due to start lithium - maybe that'll make the people I work with feel safer, but one thing's for sure, all of a sudden my life's been stolen from me in a strange way. Throughout my twenty years in this job, people have always been there for me, and me likewise for them. Now, no-one knocks my door. The bubbly outgoing 'crazy' fun loving guy that I was to them, is now not any of those things. He's just mad! It's like all of that stuff was never me, just some illness making me take risks, be the likeable fool and the likes. My wife said it in a nutshell 'I don't want you to take the medication because I don't want you to be a different person to the one that I married'.

    People are quick to judge aren't they? BP sufferers have an excuse. What I wonder is theirs.

    Good luck with things over there.


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Hi Linda,

    I am so sorry you were fired/let go. Wonder what the difference is? I saw your first post and I was looking for some information before I replied. I still haven't run across it but it is my understanding that one is not under any obligation to tell a potential employer about a disability. If you feel you have the qualifications for the job, you are not required to say, "Oh, by the way...I have a bipolar disorder which may or may not affect my job performance." I'll keep looking so you'll have that fact at your finger tips.

    You must just be honest with whomever calls you. You felt you could do the job when you applied for it. You had some health issues that caused you to take some time off, and you got fired, or let go as a result. You didn't plan on being absent; due to circumstances beyond your control, you became ill and were not able to make it into work every day.

    In the meantime I'll keep searching....
    Hang in there!


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Bry and Tsohl,
    thank you both for coming to my aide.
    It's horrible Bry, Isnt' it?
    I feel for you and I"m sorry you are going thru judgment from your coworkers as if we're aliens. it makes us only feel worst about ourselves. I Know my self esteem has been effected dramaticlly,
    I've been thru this many times and each time it happens I still can't become used to it. it's like getting shot down.
    I feel useless. I don't know what I want to do in life or where i fit in?
    but each time I'm hired, they all love me..... at first.
    I felt so good about myself for once in my life until all chaos started happening with my adult children. If they're lives are screwed up and I'm trying to help them, it effects me nerves wise.
    so their were days I had to help my kids too. which in turn causes a cycle in me to break loose. I become very effected by all the drama in my family.
    People, not even family don't seem to understand the illness of their loved one having BP.
    I'm sure they don't realize it's not something we plan on having in our lives and that we feel we're cursed with it. I know I feel like i"m cursed.
    the longest job I've had was 3 yrs. and I left that job back in the Fall of 2006. I found this new job that I thought was a God send and I really thought I was going to settle there for hte rest of my working days.
    only to my suprise, I started tellling little bits of information about my famnily trouble, my 17 yr old daughter not coming for days and i"m wondering where she is and if she's dead somewhere. my oldest daughter age 24, but the mentality of a 16 yr old, because she too is dx'd with BP, PLUS " borderline personality disorder" and alcoholism. she finally stopped doing drugs. she's growing and becoming better but still probably will be effected by this all her life.
    I didn't know I was going to be ill when my husband and I decided to have a family. I wouldn't have put this curse on my children. I love all four of them. they each have some issue going on that I feel is my responsilbity as a mother to help them. but they won't let me.
    so it drives me absolutely crazy that I can't help them. which in turn makes me feel even more pressured which in turn starts to set off the BP.

    In this country, the state of NY offers un-employment if you lose your job due to either being let go, but not fired.
    there is a difference in those two words.
    if you're let go, it means you couldn't meet the criteria or performe the job's description. these two words were in different catagories when I filed on line.
    the fired section had three things under it, one said " fired for " absenteeism, theft, or drug abuse.
    so to me that meant it was pretty severe and bad if you fit one of those descriptions.
    if one is "let go", their stating it's really not your fault for being fired. Oh, I mean "let go".
    it's ridiculous, I know.

    I"m all over the place with my paragraphs and I feel I"m not making much sense at this point.
    yesterday I tried to find a site that I can make up a new resume but my lap top doesnt' have microsoft word on it. I am going to try and go to the local library to see if I can use their computer and printer so I can get started in handing out my resume.
    I think I'd do better staying away from office work for awhile. I always seem to go for the same stressfull jobs and I try so hard to accomplish it yet I'm finally seeing I'm being beaten by my illness and I can't do it.
    it makes me feel like a darn failure.
    it's not fair.
    so I have to settle for a low salary job because of my illness?
    I"m considering using my skills for being able to organize things and to take all my pent up energy and put it into cleaning. I'm good at being a house cleaner and cook and a general type of being a house mom.
    I never had to work for most of my life becausee i was a stay at home mom. but after my divorce, I was forced to enter the work field and I had no experience of college or vocational school.
    so I entered entry level and learned myself by going from each job, grabbing onto new things as I went along. I am a self learner.
    I feel I've come pretty far that way, but if one can't keep a job, I'd say that's pretty hopeless.
    I want to be part of society and function like the rest of society does.
    I look so normal on the outside and everyone loves the way I look and hire me. but give it a few months, and then this other person comes out of me if offended in any way.
    then I say I'm sorry and then I'm worried and nervous what they think about me.
    it's a cycle that's constantly being relived in my life like a bad dream that's constantly being dreamt over and over again.
    what can I do?
    the drugs are so potent that they've tried to put me on that I have reactions to them. I've tried lithium when I was younger and I couldnt take it.
    so what does a person do who has BP and needs to get on meds?
    maybe I don't really have BP and it's just the G.A.D. that's effecting me?

    I really wish you the best outcome Bry. you've been on that job a very long time and I think it's great that they haven't fired you. they just want you to get better and come back. at least try the medication. if you don't like it, there's others to try. your health is more important than what your wife wants from you. she says she wants you the way she married you? but does she know how you suffer inside and at work?
    maybe if she truely understood how you sufffer, then maybe she'll let you try the medicine and hope for the best.
    you are a sweet heart. you are kind hearted and compassionate to want to help. thank you for your concern and for looking it up for me.
    I will do exactly as you say about telling the whole truth when the person calls me from unemployemnt. but there's so much to tell I don't know how to say it without confusing him or her? I dont' know where to begin?
    sometimes i find it so difficult to explain things to people verbally and I can sense the person becoming aggiated that I can't get the words out and I can feel I"m boreing them.
    especially if the person is a fast paced person and they want to just get on with it.
    I have difficult with remembering words. I have brain fog. this started happening back in 2000 and has only gotten worst over time.
    i"m afraid that the person who calls me is going to be impateint with my explanation because I can't get it out the right way.
    the way you explained it to me made it feel clear and consise. it made me feel more comfortable and I realized I dont' have to panic.
    I hopefully will be able to get a job before they even call me in the next few weeks. but this problem I have has to be adressed and if I just go onto a next job, I will only be bringing the problem with me and it's never going to be resolved.
    I can apply for SSI, which I heard is very very difficult to even get.
    I feel I have a disability. they might not.
    I guess it doesnt' hurt to try.
    it's not what I wanted to do in life, but it seems I have no choice.

    as you can see, I'm very overwhelmed today and my thoughts on this subject only go on and my fingers can't stop typing the words that are in my mind.
    I thank you for your patience and your kindness.

    thank you both.


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Hi Linda.
    Thanks for such an honest reply. You know, although I have only just been dx'd, I get the feeling that people like you are the ones to find more help in. I see that it's hard to accept some of the things that are going on around us, people not understanding - or wanting to understand the whys and wherefors about how we tick. Thing is, I can truly say that you, me, Tsohl and thousands of others are just as capable of human understanding and feeling than the person standing next to us. Sure, I question what my life's about now, what I did that was my real personality, and what was all my disorder. Who knows what the answer is?? But Linda, you gotta know that you can work all your life in a great job in a high position and get mega bucks, or you can be Joe public with no job prospects. Between those two levels, there is something much more to be valued and that is, the time we can give to others. Today you've made me smile, to know that I'm not the only person to be treated badly by those next to me - and that's what's gonna get me through all of this no matter what happens, the knowledge that I can put down my feelings good or bad and know that someone like you can can give me a lift. It's a bad vibe when we feel unvalued because we're ill. The same old story. If they don't see the injury, we aren't ill!!
    I'm appalled that people in the USA and here are so blind to the problems caused by an illness preventing us making a living. Like you so rightly say, we don't ask to be ill, and it would certainly shock many to know just how well we can perform alongside others with the right support.
    You know, you reckon your paragraphs are slightly mixed. don't you worry about it. Today's been a day I'm catching myself speaking in a muddle, some words in the wrong order. I just hope to God whoever I talk to speaks the same language......
    Keep smilin keeps 'em guessin!!


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    You're going to have to be careful with this. For example, if you say that you lost your job due to "heath" problems, they might consider your not working being a medical reason, ie: "sick day/s", (unemployment will not cover illness - they only cover days in which you are "ready and willing to work". No kidding.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they refer you to disability. Which might not be a bad idea, considering your self-described difficulty to maintain employment.

    Sure as hell, I am in the same boat. Good luck to you, and contact me if you'd like.


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?


    I don't know where you live....I live in Canada, and to fire someone with a disability without giving them an opportunity to get help is a Human Rights violation.

    You may have GAD, but certainly what you are feeling is anxiety, when things become rushed.

    This can be controlled, but it takes practice.

    One of the main triggers of anxiety is the way you breathe....if you don't breathe thru your stomach, you automatically initiate your "fight or flight" response, and however anxious you were before, it's gonna get a lot worse.

    You can be in a rushed atmosphere, and not think you're going crazy, and be able to just takes practice........

    In 2004, I walked into a mental institution, and was so freaked out, I couldn't remember where I lived. I was agorophobic for 2 years, I didn't drive for 6 years..... I lost my family due to being borderline.. and I mean all of them. I could go on.

    I am Borderline and Bi-Polar II

    Do I sound like it? No.....

    Don't worry about what is illness, and what is you..grab your moods, and take control of them, it can be done. It takes time, and practice.

    With every small victory, your confidence will won't get it every time, but when you do, congratulate yourself. Don't punish yourself if you miss sometimes...the fact that you realize you missed, is nearly as good as getting it right.

    I decided that I wasn't letting these disorders run my life at 46. I'm nearly 48 now, and I can honestly say that I'm thinking clearly for the first time in my life.

    Therapy, and medication will help. If you have bad side effects, lower the dosage, and increase it slowly....dissolve in water if the capsule, and pour half out...whatever.

    Control your disorder, don't let it control you.

    Do I sound optimistic....yep....I've come a long way.

    Did I mention that it takes practice?


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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Thanks Bry,
    you made me smile also and I value that more than anything.
    to meet people like you and others who understand me and don't judge me is all I want in life.
    all we can do I guess is to keep smiling and try to keep our heads above water and try with all our might to continue living with the thought that things will get better. otherwise, I won't want to go on living.
    there's always going to be obstacles in my life, I accept that now. it was hard at first to swallow that idea because I'm a fighter. but I"m learning now that fighting something I can't see will only make me more exhausted and only want to crawl into bed and not get out of it.
    It's so easy to feel sorry for myself and I simply don't want to think that way. It will only make me age before my time and the crease between my eyes will only deepen worst.
    so it's people like you that can give me inspiration to keep pushing and keep trying to smile rather than frown.
    thanks for your words of kindness. it helps me more than you'll ever know.

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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    Hey Linda, How's you today??
    You know, that frown's just an upside down smile - I don't mean to make light of when you're down. God, we all know that sinking feeling I guess. We're treading water with bags of crap weighing us down most of the time, but when we manage to just let go of one bag, we catch our breath don't we? Ha! If we let go of two bags, we're having a real good day!!
    It's an odd thing for me at the moment as I see people in the street and wonder which one of them is bipolar. Had an ex neighbour call to see me just before and she said something really profound (she used to be a nurse here in 'Jolly Olde England'. She asked me how I was........I really can't write the reply I gave here for you, but when I told her, she said "Bry, just stay tight! Don't become a diagnosis, be someone who's diagnosed with an illness".....then she left. (Gee thanks for that). I felt a bit weird - angry - confused - down in myself even more, and like most of us, I picked, and picked at what she'd said. It's easy for a person without BP to cast a judgement, but hers was a little different. What I'm getting at, is that she is a person who knows me, sees how I am, and gives it straight. I like that. I don't like people like my employer (there are in fact a lot of bosses in my workplace) who pulls you aside and says "we're giving you time off until you're successfully medicated and can fit back into the workplace" then send me to another doctor who asks me on their behalf "what job do you think you can do"? Ha! Like you ask me what I can do?? 9 times outta 10 I can't even pick up the phone or be bothered to talk to people in my own family....what can I do???? Follwoed by the one liner....."we're looking after the interests of the organisation and the interest of you." That's followed up weeks later by the comment saying you'll be laid off if they can't find you a job where you don't present a risk to the public or people you work with!
    Well Linda, they gotta know me before they judge me. I ain't medicated yet, but i know I've got to build a strong enough argument to take this to the finish............. What if I lose?? Hey, I'm manic aren't I? I can't lose! Oh but what if I'm depressed at the time? Well they'd better wear ear defenders.
    Asked a question the other day, my Occupational Health Advisor told me that she knew of no other person in the organisation who has BP. OUt of 2,500 employees, she says she has not heard of one other. It seems my case is setting a bit of a precedent and I'm pushed down while they play the decision game. I am totally caving in to the fear of losing my job, my wage, my house, wife, kids and so like many of us who have read your thread, Ican truly empathise with you over being laid off.
    If I was God (which I'm not - and won't be until next week perhaps) I'd give all of those with BP a role where they could all go to their favourite place to work the hours they want, with who they want, for the money they want...............but we'd all get bored of it wouldn't we. I don't believe in God (but have nothing against those who do) but if he does exist, he's put me you and all of us on this planet to be part of the bigger picture, to be the sensitive and creative ones amongst those that call themselves 'understanding, caring' human beings - you know, the bags that are making us sink!
    On the bright side, tomorrow's another day. We'll have made it to the next part of our journey. You'll read this while you're thousands of miles away and may not even realise how important you are. You're one of a bunch of people who can relate to us 'newbies'. Able to guide us, make us smile and give comfort in just being on the end of a screen to communicate with us. Somehow it comes back to the point that there's times I won't even pick up the phone or talk to people..............this is the moment I'm in and this is how I let people know how I think.
    I'm a bit disjointed today I guess. The damn phone keeps ringing ( I feel like quasimodo hearing the bells ) bugging the life outta me.
    I hope you're well, physically, mentally and spiritually today............If not, turn your frown upside down.
    Take care until nxt time.

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    Re: Is there any protection laws against getting fired if you have bipolar?

    what a wonderful post Bry.
    You put a BIG smile on my face this morning and my heart feels alot lighter from all the insightful things you said.
    do you think that most people who have BP have a hard time keeping jobs?
    I know this is going to sound stupid, but I always thought it was just me not being able to find a job that's suitable for me.
    and when you said that if you were God and were able to give up people who have BP the perfect job with the perfect salary, that we'd wind up being bored.
    holy smokes!! I almost fell off my chair when you said that, because guess what?? I feel exactly like that and have been pondering that thought for months now.
    because each job I go to I find it's wonderful at first and I think I've found the perfect job for me, but after time goes by, the old Linda begins setting in again. I start getting grouchy and find people getting on my nerves and I find myself becoming bored with the job.
    I have to yell at myself and say, what's wrong with you Linda? the pay is fantastic, I have understanding coworkers and best of all I have a BOSS that loves me and understands me, I have excellent benefits, and geesh! what other kind of company offers tons of ice cream bars and for free in it's own little freezer that set's up in a staff lounge, with a special coffee machine, free expensive cookies, bowls of fresh fruit, a big flat screen t.v., personal computers to check our mail if we want, and tons of other fringe benefits?
    I had it made there. but I STILL was unhappy. I don't know where exactly the high and happiness of having this job went away?
    I seem to always have this unhappiness stuck in the back ground of my being. even though I smile on the outside, I"m hurting like hell in the inside. I'm told I"m too serious about life and that I need to get a sense of humor.
    what exactly is a sense of humor? don't you have to born with it? If it's not in me normally,, you can't just learn how to have one, right?
    what's wrong with being a person who doesn't have one?
    so yes, we can have what we think is the perfect job and still find ourselves being unhappy and miserable with the job. what will it take in my life to find a job that I can keep for the rest of my days till I retire?

    so my question is, does BP cause this thing in me that I can't keep a job?
    does this happen to alot of other people with this diagnosis?
    If so, then I never knew that others are going thru what I am.
    I always thought it was just me causing it.

    what point does one have to reach in order to be considered handicapped?
    I feel I can't lead a normal life now for years.
    I'm tired of having to go from job to job to job. I just want to settle down and be able to start setting up a future for myself when I retire. it'll never happen at this rate.

    another thing you mentioned and I had to laugh, is the phone.
    I hear you loud and clear on this one.
    I can't STAND when my phone rings. I don't want to talk to anyone and I most of all I wish I had a feature where I can just turn the ringer off completely. but I have kids and they might be trying to call me so I always have to read the caller I.D. to see if it's one of them.
    at work I mainly dealt with heavy phone work. as soon as I was taking down a message and having to rewrite it to look clearer, the phone would ring again. It was a constant barrage of call after call. no time to even take a breath in between calls. Now If I'm at the dr's office going for a check up and I hear their phone ring, it sends a thing thru me. it's ruined me.
    the darn phone.
    I don't want to talk to my sister and brother sometimes. I have to FORCE myself to accept their invitations to go out to lunch with them, otherwise I"ll wind up being hermit.
    it happens too where it will wind up sneaking up on you. after a while you won't want to go to the supermarket anymore because the crowds of people really start to make me mad. they stand right in front me as if I was invisble, or they'll block the darn path way so you have to say, "excuse me". where I REALLY feel like saying " WOULD YOU GET THE H-- OUT OF MY WAY!!!
    I'm so darn irriatted that it's best I stay away from the public.
    I didn't know others felt that way too.
    again, I'm so grateful to learn that it's not just me in feeling this way and I"m not going crazy.
    I'm glad that others share their problems and stories here so I can learn from them as well.
    I thank you so much for sharing your honesty with me because you help me immensly.
    I'm glad you didn't lose your job. you won't if you haven't by now.
    they want to help you and I'm sure you'll feel so much better once you get on the medication.
    things happen in life for us to learn from it. we may not like the things that get thrown at us, but I believe that they happen for reasons we may not understand at the time. we wind up seeing way up the road and then say, my gosh? so that's what I've learned from this experience!
    life is pretty cool with it's up's and downs, even though I complain and fight it.
    so thanks again for listening to me.
    and by the way, you made total sense to me even though you felt unclear. I felt that way too the other day when I was writing one of my posts.

    I hope you have a good day and that only good things come your way.


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