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  • How do you know you can trust a therapist?

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    Old 06-22-2013, 08:45 AM   #1
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    lucikolb HB User
    How do you know you can trust a therapist?

    I know I should probably be in therapy. Chances are if we're in this forum, we should all be in therapy. I've tried several, and they either seemed like they didn't really know what they were doing (or maybe just didn't know what to do with moi???), or a little too "judgey". I just don't feel comfortable telling these people *everything* about me, things I've done, the way I feel, etc. Am I just being paranoid or over-analyzing?

    My Pdoc is one of those docs where you go in, he tells you everything you told him last time, asks if anything's changed, and you're on your way. In & out in 10ish minutes. The good thing about that I guess, is that I never have to sit & wait.

    Anyway - how many sessions do you think it takes to know if you've found a good therapist? I'm not looking for a best friend, but I don't like feeling like some sort of human test subject, either. Even when you find one, it just seems so time-consuming & EXPENSIVE.

    Anyone else have this issue? If therapy alone has been a life changer for you, how so? Is it worth all the time and money?

    Also, have I asked enough questions?

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    Wink Re: How do you know you can trust a therapist?

    Well. I've been to a quite a few in the past. In my opinion you can't trust any of them. When I was seeing a therapist all they did was either make me feel little or confuse me. I do believe they act a certain way to keep you feeling like you need a therapist... more money for them.
    A therapist can't ever give you advice on life matters because they will never be able to get a full grasp on the situation you are in.
    My therapists over the past few years have been my best friends and family. I do let the ones close to me know that I am bi-polar and they (the ones who are actually worth the friendship) have always been supportive. Its always been as simple as asking those who cared about me "Hey, I need to talk about my life and see if you have any good advice for me, have time to listen?".
    No money out of pocket. You feel more comfortable than you would with any therapist... and they might just be able to give good advice because if they're close to you, they are probably more aware of the situation than any therapist.
    So, you have heard my opinion from me to you.

    Good Luck

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    recognition 13
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    Re: How do you know you can trust a therapist?

    In a span of just over a year, i have seen about 3 different counselors and therapists and none of them have really done me any good. You can trust them, alright. Most of them have confidentiality laws, but as far as usefulness goes, i don't think they have too much of it. I think it's more useful to talk to a person who you actually like and get along with, a friend, teacher, relative, whatever, instead of a therapist. But that's my opinion.

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    Smile Re: How do you know you can trust a therapist?

    I am doing online therapy and be careful of what you say because they can stick you in the mental hospital or a Florida term (baker act) you. The site I am on sez its all private but I am not too sure about that. I looked up my therapist name and looks like he is into law. He actually suggested this site for me to use when I brought up privacy issues. I mean he seems like a great guy but you never know who you are talking to. Who they are,who they are affiliated with.

    I brought up the issue that I think the state of Florida wants my kid because of all the problems I am having and he had nothing to say about that. So I think I am def. right about this. Kind of a slap in the face when you are trying to get help and they want to hold every little thing you say against you. Not saying you shouldn't get therapy but I wouldn't spill the beans on every little subject. Say what you think is important.

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    Re: you gotta kiss a lot of frogs first

    I hope I don't sound like an idiot or jerk, and yes this is (despite my best efforts)embarrassingly long, I tried a councelor 4 years ago, it was terribly, it was like she was reading from this text book that was too slow for me. I'd say I got it and she'd say you not very patient (yes, lets critise the patient) and I called her on it and she wouldn't even apologize. Four years later I tried another councelor out in a small town, for free since I have no income, I'm in Ohio, I can't even remember how I found the place, but I'll try to remember how and if Texas? has something income based.

    You can trust your therapist when first session you tell her you occasionally smoke pot and she never brings it up again. Now that's not judgey. It helps that she's on Effexor (which I'm starting soon) was very depressed, and left a bad marriage.

    Yea, there are things I wouldn't tell her because I wouldn't want to be judged. But counselors have years of experience and training to GIVE ADVICE on mental health issues, they know how to help you put things in perspective, they'll tell you "it's not all you"" when it comes to problems in your relationships. Councelors can teach you coping skills (which are real handy if you find out you've been relying on meds that did nothing for 4 years)

    I wish I had found another councelor, it would have made my "marriage" better because I turned him INTO my councelor and he finally said "all we talked about today was bi-polar." (not true) I don't know if that could happen with friends. It took a councelor to get me on the right meds after 4 years. I stopped looking after one councelor, I can understand your frustration, and I truly wish you happy hunting.

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    Re: How do you know you can trust a therapist?

    I feel pretty lucky with the counselor I see.

    I saw him regularly in 2011 when I had an anxiety issue and he helped me get through it and then I moved on.

    When I started having troubles again this past June, I started seeing him again and then my bipolar disorder II diagnosis occurred. In my most-recent visit last week, he told me I didn't need to keep coming weekly (I was thinking that as well) and said just schedule an appointment when I feel I need one.

    So he's not trying to keep me coming because it is more money in his pocket. He is making the right decision because of the progress I've made.

    If you're seeing a counselor or therapist and it isn't working for you, just move on to a different one until you find the right fit for YOU.

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    insurance, money, therapists, time frame, trust

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