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donna_m10 01-02-2001 06:14 AM

contraception/birth control/family planning?
Hi all, this is my first post here. I think a contraception board would be a great idea. Theoretically it could fit under women's health, but contraception isn't just a woman's topic. In my experience this is a much-misunderstood subject and we need more discussion of it. I might even be willing to moderate, but no promises . . . what do you think?

TrickyDick 01-02-2001 07:13 AM

Well, I think you have an excellent Idea.
One way it ties into health is that birth control pills cause women numerous health complaints. Different brands and compounds have different effects.
I have known many women and one of their chief complaints was having to try several different pills before they found one that they could live with.
A second concern was that male doctors know next to nothing about these drugs and have no conception of how to administer or monitor them.
Great Idea !!

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