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Jenna22 01-15-2004 02:20 PM

Depo or Ortho-tri-cyclen?
I'm 24 and i had a pre-cancer in march 2002 and i had a coloposcopy done and the tissue was removed.Because i always had terrible menstrual pain when i get my period ever since i started it when i was 14.My doctor put me on the Ortho-tri-cyclen,it helped a lot with the pain and my skin,didn't gain weight,no headaches.But because i moved to a new city and just my insurance and haven't been on BC for over a year i'm looking for a new doctor.Well some of my friends are using the Depo shot and none of them have problems,no side effects and one of them got off of it and she said when you get of the depo shot you can expect the worst pain once you get your period again and the chances of getting pregnant are rare.I would love to go back on the Ortho but the depo and only 4 periods a year sounds pretty good.Please any good stories and i wanna know reasons not to go on the Depo.I'm engaged and i would like to have my first child at 25-26yrs.

Blastoff9600 01-15-2004 06:38 PM

Re: Depo or Ortho-tri-cyclen?
Ok I cut your post a bit because I wanted to mainly reply to this part. If you want a child with in the next year or two then Depo is not a good choice...Depo normally take about three to six months to get your of your system(that is if you are lucky) from the time the last shot is due. Most dont see a return of their fertility until the 9 to 18 month range after the last shot was due. Then you have other women(I am amoung these) that fertility can take longer to return adn in some cases doesnt return. Here is what happened with me I had my last Depo shot Oct 22,1996 no other birth control was used after that. I figured I would be one of those that it would take a while for my fertility to the 9 to 18 month range. Boy was I wrong I didnt get pregnant with my second son until Feb of 2000. That was after seeing several infertility doctors and going through all the testing(trust me most those tests are not fun). I have a friend who is finally expecting her second child....her first child is 8 years old. She was only on Depo for a year after the birth of her first child.

With Depo you can have spotting the entire time you are on it as well...I was only on it for six months and to this day I swear I should had stocks in the pad/tampon companies with all I was spening on them. I could be a very rich Joking aside it was no fun to be bleeding everyday for six months.
Sex drive...during that time I couldnt even stand the thought of my Dh touching me...this is coming from a woman who has always been teased that I should have been a man with the sex drive I have. In other words I have a very high drive but while on Depo I had no drive whatsoever. I should also say I am a long time migraine sufferer and Depo made them the worse I had ever had. Not an easy thing to do either. Since being off Depo I havent had any really bad migraines,yes I still get them but not liek they were while on Depo.

Also with Depo you actually arent suppose to have periods while you are on puts your body into a menopausal state, I think you meant only having to remember to be the shot four times a year.

I think your best bet is to stick with what you know works. You know the OTC pills worked great for you last time why chance trying something new that might cause you problems.

TearyEyed 03-29-2004 04:58 PM

Re: Depo or Ortho-tri-cyclen?
I started taking Depo Provera last year and I had a pretty bad time with it. I took a total of two shots and I was on it for about 5 months. Technically, I'm still on it because I'm due for my next shot April 9th (won't be getting it). The whole time I was on Depo I had my period. Make sure you're willing to deal with something like that. Having your period for 5 complete months, every single day can be a real let down. I also experienced blurred vision, and about 5 pounds of weight gain. I went to the doctor last week and told him what was going on, and he put me back on the pill. I had also previously been on Ortho Tricyclen. I had a pretty good time with it, but towards the end before I switched to Depo I was having late cycle spotting, so now I'm on Marvelon. I'm already starting to see and feel a change for the better. I would never recommend Depo Provera to anyone. It's such a hit or miss type of thing.

tiggerbuddy 08-05-2004 11:18 PM

Re: Depo or Ortho-tri-cyclen?
I tried the depo shot because I was allured by the "you'll stop having your period" thing.... little did I know that I'd be "spotting" every single day! It was SOOO much worse than just having my regular period for a week :( Sooo, I went back on ortho-tricyclen

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