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Is birth control bad?

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Old 06-14-2005, 12:12 PM   #1
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megatron10 HB User
Question Is birth control bad?

I'm just a little curious, I've been reading things at my doctors office saying that if you're on the pill for so long it can greatly increase you're risks of cervical cancer. I've been on the pill now for almost 6 years, and I'm wondering if maybe it's time to turn to something else, or if it's fine? Also I was wondering, does the pill affect a woman's fertility at all for later on in her life when she does plan on having children?
Any info would be great.

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bordrgrl HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

Exactly why women on the pill have a higher risk of cervical cancer is unclear. It could be because they have more unprotected sex, or there have been some studies that seem to show the changes the pill causes to cervix make you more prone to get hpv. It also seems to raise the risk of breast cancer, with some studies showing your risk goes back down to normal after you are off it for like 5 years or so.
It won't affect your fertility, but it could cover up problems you are having and those problems could get worse.

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megatron10 HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

Why type of problems??

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ladivapr02 HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

What I have heard regarding pill and cervical cancer is that yes since it changes the lining of your cervix (not sure if its the mucus or what) it does make it a good environment for HPV to develop. And this is because it is said the Pill depletes the folic acid. That's why I take a folic acid /B12 supplement along with the pill. I'm particulary concerned because I do have cervical dysplasia (with HPV) and I'm afraid the Pill making my dysplasia worse.

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bordrgrl HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

Well for example I have Cushings Disease (a pituitary tumor that causes hormonal imbalances). If my doctors had kept me on the pill the whole time, I wouldn't have known I couldn't ovulate on my own anymore and that I have an uninvited guest in my head until the other symptoms started showing up.

Old 06-16-2005, 06:42 AM   #6
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star_shine_2010 HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

This is very uncertain if the pill causes certain types of cancer. When you think about it, what doesn't supposedly cause cancer these days? I have to take bc pills b/c of ovarian cysts. I will never go off of them until I want to have a baby. After the baby, right back on them again. So, I sure hope it doesn't cause cancer. I'd rather have horrible periods and cysts all over my ovaries than cancer.

Old 06-27-2005, 08:35 PM   #7
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griffsburg HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

My answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you'd have better luck using a condom than the birth control methods they have out today.The docs wont tell u of the side effects believe me how bout the shots take 18mos to gwet out ur system and the shots also can cause thyroid disease if anyone has had this happens please email me at [ please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ]

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jriegel HB User
Re: Is birth control bad?

this is an incredibly controversial topic, as you may notice. this is my opinion, which i feel is very logical: birth control pills, which i took for a year (so i'm not just talking about something i've never experienced, not that anyone else is but, i'm just saying...) are synthetic, chemical substances that cause or delay or prevent certain reactions in your cycle to prevent pregnancy (and for some people to help with hormonal imbalances when there is acne, PCOS and other things). personally, i think to add this mix into your own system, just to avoid pregnancy, is unwise and a bit irresponsible (i did it too, so i'm not pointing any fingers).

there are other positive, effective, free, and chemical-free options (like natural family planning, which i have been using for over a year and have not gotten pregnant). there is a lot of misconception about natural family planning, and a lot of misunderstanding. if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

there is plenty of information available to the public that is not written or distrubted by the pharmaceutical industry or people directly connected (usually financially) to the industry about the side effects and risks of chemically/synthetically altering your hormonal balance, particularly if you have a family history of heart disease or cancer. (actually, this information is included in every packet of birth control).

there is also plenty of controversy surrounding the history of birth control but again, information available to the public and not connected to industry, shows a clear connection between birth control and increased risk and number of cases of cervical and breast cancer. this mainly occured when BCPs were first introduced, in ridiculously high dosages (because they didn't know any better) and there is a good scientific explanation for the connection between BCPs and cancer. the industry has since reduced the dosage remarkably. however, as i have heard many people say and i also agree: if two packs of cigarettes a day can cause cancer, so can one, it just might take longer. this is the same logic with birth control: if such high doses originally caused cancer, so can lower dosages, it just might take longer.

aside from the risks of various cancers, there are also other negative, dangerous side effects like deep vein thrombosis (a potentially fatal blood clot) as well as other undesirable side effects that i believe a majority of women taking birth control would tell you about, even if they decide to continue to take it, such as: mood swings (many women i talk to say they get incredibly emotional and cry at the littlest thing, i did while i was on BCPs), lowerd sex drive (i had almost no sex drive at all), weight gain (i definitely gained weight), headaches, and of course, the absolute panick if you miss a dose.

with the exception of the last few i listed, those are all reported in the insert included with any BCPs, so it's not new information. you will have to make an informed decision for yourself.

for me, the beauty of natural family planning is i know my cycle and my body, it's free, it includes my husband in decisions and being aware of when we are fertile, instead of him counting on me to pop a pill every day and that's his only responsibility, no mood swings (i feel like i can actually think my thoughts again and control my emtions, recognize them instead of feeling overwhelmed by them), and increased sex drive (hello! this has been awesome since i stopped taking BCPs)

here is a fact: there is only a short window of time during your entire cycle that you can actually get pregnant, and it's very unwise to try to count the days to find out when, but it's approximately a week after you finish your period, and last for about a week (if you want to be safe). of course, this is different in every woman, and like i said trying to count the days will probably get you pregnant.

my point is that taking a pill every day with the thought that that one pill will prevent pregnancy is ... well i don't want to be crass but it's ignorant. i don't mean that in a negative way, i thought that too, and so did my husband, until we learned natural family planning. after that window of fertility you can have sex without a condom or any other BC method and not get pregnant, because there is nothing to fertilize until the next cycle.

sorry for going on so long, but hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision.

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