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Blue_Flamingo 07-12-2005 11:45 AM

Diane 35 or Yasmin?
I'm going to switch to either one of these pills (I wanted something that was monophasic and good for acne). Which one do you recommend? Keep in mind I'm also looking to take this continuously.

Please respond as soon as possible, because I need to call my doctor with my choice.

huntertrace 07-12-2005 03:28 PM

re: Diane 35 or Yasmin?
i have been on yasmin for almost a year now and it is great and has helped with my acne problems

SayMoo 07-14-2005 07:40 AM

re: Diane 35 or Yasmin?
Diane 35 is bad... especially as far as risks of blood clots go.. if you get on this i STRONGLY suggest you only stay on it for a couple of months.. It wasnt even made for BC it was originally only made for acne..and they later found out it can be used as BC..but its only 96% effective as BC.
Yasmin..hmm ive heard some bad things baout that one too...
I honestly dont know..but if i had to choose id pick yasmin

Blue_Flamingo 07-14-2005 11:27 AM

re: Diane 35 or Yasmin?
How else is Diane 35 "bad"? And about the blood clot thing: does this apply even if you're young (I'm 17), and do not have a history of blood clots?

Daisies4monkeys 07-14-2005 12:28 PM

re: Diane 35 or Yasmin?
The blood clot statistic applies to any user.

Yes, women who smoke and are over 35 have a higher risk, but with Diane-35 the risk of blood clots in women with no other risk factors is higher then for pills such as Ortho-Cyclen, Yasmin, Nordette, etc.

As well, Diane-35 was not created to be a birth control pill, it was originally created and approved for use as an acne treatment.

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