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  • Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

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    Old 02-26-2009, 04:19 AM   #1
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    Angelwing HB User
    Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    I just had the implanon implant put in today, and i have been reading some horror stories about the implant, about how it gives you awful side effects and how if it is inserted too deeply, cannot be removed!

    now im worried mine is inserted too deeply and i wont be able to get it out if i get some awful side effects. the problem is i cant use the combined pill because the oestrogen levels dont react well with my body at all and i thought that going for the implant would be the best method for me, because i dont have to remember to take a pill or anything like that.

    can anyone tell me anything about the implanon and them, i have two friends who are on it, on has acne due to it, the other has mood swings and has crazy long period for months at a time.

    i am now worried that i will gain weight, get spotty and get moody and this will affect my relationship with my boyfriend. why can't controception be easier!!

    any advice would be wonderful thankyou!

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    Old 05-17-2009, 04:05 PM   #2
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    shezney84 HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    first stop worrying please everything is fine
    feel your arm where it was put in, can you feel it under skin? if so then its fine its in right place, its when you cant feel it, or see it then you should go back to dr or nurse.
    its placed between your muscles so it cant dissapear into your body, and so you can move your arm without damage or feeling it.
    i have had mine for nearly 2 years now, and i have no side effects.
    everybody is diffrent so you will just have to see but your dr or whoever put it in should of explained.
    there shouldnt be any weight gain or any side effects, tests showed less then 100 people out of 1000 had any side effects !
    my periods have completly stopped which suits me fine, and it has no effect on your fertility, but some women can get normal periods, light or heavy, you ust dont know what your going to get, just like periods without the implant.
    its a good choice for contraceptive because if like me remembering to take pills at same time everyday isnt easy and its more effective then oral pill and condoms.
    all i can say is everything is going to be fine, dont worry about it getting lost. and dont listen to others horror stories, for everyone story you hear about it being bad there are prob 2 more for it being good! and most the bad stories arent all true usually hyped up to make it seem worse!


    if your really worried or unsure go back and see gp they will feel your arm make sure its in right place and reasure you .

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    Old 06-21-2010, 03:17 PM   #3
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    Red11 HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    Don't worry.
    I've recently had the implanon put in, and apart from period not hapening yet... When I ws due, but maybe it's already working, and who knows I may be lucky and not have bleeding through out.
    People who mainly post things online have had a bad experience and want to vent their anger. This doesn't count for countless others that it works perfectly.
    I considered an implant for around 6 months bfore getting it done, so I cold re-search properly, and I had a sneaky little oppetunity to speak to a load of gyne and sexual healt doctors, (Worked on a gyne ward for 3 months)
    Plus my mum is a practice nurse, and is well read up on contraceptives, and she told me everything I asked, the things I forgot to ak the doctors.
    If it really is bad they'll take it out.
    Not all contraceptives work for everyone. Should have seen me when I was on Femodene, that made me evil!

    Old 07-14-2010, 07:46 PM   #4
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    LadyRoark HB User
    Angry Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    For me, it worked okay for the first year, i just had to buy tampons a lot. but after that first year is when it started to just not do any good worth just dealing with. just last month, It started out like always, bleeding for what seemed like forever, Then i kept bleeding for over 6 weeks, heavier than ANY period I have ever had, then sever cramps that NOTHING helped, I ended up going to the ER for them and there they found my blood count was too low and gave me a transfusion for 1.5 pints of blood. I was tired ALL the time before I found this out. The ER doctor told me get it removed within a week. Where I live, there are not very many doctors who are certified for Implanon. I actully have to travel about 50 miles just to get to the doctor that is covered under my insurance that does do it. I have had nothing but issues with it and reccomend you get it removed. I tought it would be perfect too, until this happened...

    Old 08-09-2010, 09:21 PM   #5
    bugsmomma's Avatar
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    bugsmomma HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    I have had it inserted for almost 4 months and I hate it; I havent quit bleeding and I have the worse pain in the world the only meds that help is a new one called zipsor, nothing else works have been on the pill to see if it would regulate it but nothing, going to have it removed wednesday and I will never be back on any BC; Not worth it. I cant tell you the times I thought I was going to bleed to death; I still feel that way, I go through one pad in less than 45 min!

    Old 08-31-2010, 09:23 AM   #6
    worriedgirly's Avatar
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    worriedgirly HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    i got the implant about 3 months ago and i've been absolutely fine, apart from having very long periods, but that can be sorted by taking the pill.
    i've read that any horrible side effects usually disappear after the first year.
    in my opinion it'd be well worth it to just get through the first year and then have 2 years after with minimal side effects, and no more worrying about contraception.

    i hope it works out as a good thing for you
    good luck

    Old 12-06-2010, 02:06 PM   #7
    katifoxx120's Avatar
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    katifoxx120 HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    Okay, if you can feel the implant, don't worry it can be removed.

    I am on the implant and have been for a year, the only problem I had was slight depression, but it ended. I have had no other problems with it. I like to tell people I have it and have them touch it, it is entertaining, and if you just rub it for a little while it might even calm you down, repetitiveness is calming.

    Old 12-07-2010, 07:06 AM   #8
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    michlady HB User
    Re: Implanon Implant - Need some advice.

    i had the implanon implanted the end of june. everyone is different. i was told before i got it that if your already depress then you shouldn't get it well i didn't listen. i wanted something i didn't have to worry about taken everyday. so i got it. i had a bad experience after having my second kid so i had to do something even being at high risk for blood clots. anyways, n the beginning i did have mood swings but my husband understood. made me a little more depressed. i did have spotting just about everyday for a while then three months went by n it started again. still struggle but surviving.
    i shouldn't even be on birth control. but am

    like i said everyone reacts differently to birth control. just like every pregnancy and delivery isn't the same.

    If you touch were they put the implant and u can feel it your find. i was worried about that also when i got it done. i catch myself alot making sure its still there. it is.
    dont ever believe everything you read online, some of it may be true but it doesn't mean its going to happen to you. i tell everyone this.

    i wish you luck. try not to worry about it. if you are still worried about it please go to the doctor just to get them to make sure its ok.

    take care


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