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mannequinprop 01-13-2012 08:38 PM

Just stopped BC- - no period?
I just recently stopped taking the 'mini-pill'.
Before that I was on a pill called Desogen, and before that Ortho Tri Cyclen Low.
I figured after trying 3 birth control pills to regulate my period & getting no where, i was allergic.
My body would keep trying to reject it. (i.e. constant head aches, discharge, random spotting) I NEVER had a normal period when I got on birth control.
Before it though I would get it right on time and it would last exactly 7 days.
Thinking that BC would help the cramping and heaviness of it I kept trying it.
Failed, for an entire year.
So i finally just stopped taking it all together.

& it's time for me to get my period & i still haven't gotten it.
could my body just be confused? or what's going on? has this happened to anyone else?
thanks, i'm really worried.

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