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purplesilhouette 06-26-2012 05:05 AM

levora vs loestrin(junel) 1.5/30 vs loestrin 1/20 ??
Hi everyone,

i want to know if loestrin (or junel) 1/20 is more or less androgenic overall than the loestrin 1.5/30. they are both high on the androgen index, but the 1.5/30 has 50% ethinyl estradiol and 50% more of the progestin, HOWEVER, i don't know if they cancel each other out 1:1. if that is the case then they should act the same, but i can't find that kind of information anywhere. any thoughts?

I used to be on the generic form of loestrin 1/20 (junel 1/20 fe) for about three years, and got a lot of increased hair growth from it. i went off it for about two years, and in that time was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which effectively causes a hormonal imbalance for me, making me testosterone heavy, and for which the only treatment is to be on a birth control pill.

i am currently on levora (1.5mg levonorgestrel, 30mcg ethinyl estradiol). it's 10mcg more EE than the junel 1/20 (which is 20mcg EE), and is lower on the androgen index than junel, which is why i chose it instead of going back to the junel (higher androgen = more hair growth).

i've now been taking levora for 6 months, and over the last 3-4 months i've developed a lot of muscle spasms and tons of knots and muscle tension that are causing me multiple injuries. i'm not sure if the pill is the problem, but it's the only thing that's changed in my life. i normally tolerate stress very well, and while my anxiety has been worse over the last couple years, i've never had this kind of physical manifestation until a few months after starting levora.

so i'm considering switching back to junel, but i don't know whether the 1.5/30 or the 1/20 would be less likely to cause excess hair growth. the 1.5/30 has 50% more estrogen, but also 50% more androgenic effects, and i don't know how much EE counteracts how much of the progestin's androgenic effect. if it's 1:1, there doesn't seem to be any point in having a higher dose pill. but i can't find the ratio of interaction anywhere. has anyone tried either of these pills and can tell me about their experiences?


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