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Sherri-Lynne 01-31-2013 09:06 PM

Missed pills or pregnant??
So I've been on the pill for a year now. This last month I missed 2 pills in a row. As soon as I remembered I took the 2 pills. Then a few hrs later took my next days pill. I haven't been taking them the same time each day either this month.
Then a few days ago I had very light spotting. Once when I wiped and a bit on my underware. Sorry if tmi. The next day was so dizzy and felt faint that I had to stay on bed for 30 minutes cause the room wouldn't stop
spinning. Felt a bit nauseous as well. Then the following day I had a bit more spotting. Just a tiny bit on my underware. Also I was cramping a bit. Which then brings us to today my boobs are itchy and a little bit tingly. The last 3 days I have also been emotional and have been crying quite easily.

I finish my pills in 2 days. I should start my period next Wed. I have been very regular with getting my period. I never spot in-between periods. I get a bit of light bleeding and them my period.

So my question is..... Could I be pregnant or is this because I missed 2 pills in a row and my hormones are a bit crazy?

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