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KeyVic 02-02-2013 10:32 AM

Logynon, endometriosis and NO sex drive!
Hi ya.. Am hoping someone might be able to help as the doctor seems to have no ideas!
I suffer from from extreme and crippling pain - only for a few hours each month- usually on day 1/2 of my period. I was diagnosed was endometriosis last year after coming off logynon about 18 months ago. had a laparoscopy and zolodex and now have been advised to carry over my pill for 6 months, then possibly try for a baby. Am 34 this year. However I have no sex drive what so ever.. Much to my toy boy's annoyance. He is great with it though. Not ready to try for a baby yet :(
Is there any other pill that will stop this no sex drive? I would rather be on nothing at all but I worry that the pain will be worse each month as the endo seems to be returning... Also sex is quite painful.
Part of me would rather have a sex drive and risk the pain being worse.. Anyone else suffer from these issues? Is logynon known for decreased sex drive? I read mixed reports..

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