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mountainchick 07-31-2013 07:02 PM

Please Help! I skipped my sugar pills... can i have sex?
I've been on ortho-tricylcen for almost 2 years now and my gyno once told me that you could skip a period by skipping the sugar pills and jumping straight to the next round of active pills. So I did that but I got my period on time anyways and have had it the whole week...I'm worried that my hormone levels will be messed up now and that I shouldn't be having sex...does anyone know if that's true? Should I not be having sex? How long should I wait before I can again?

Titchou 08-01-2013 05:17 AM

Re: Please Help! I skipped my sugar pills..can i have sex?
you should be OK. Some people don't adjust well and still have a period.

Princesa 08-01-2013 04:45 PM

Re: Please Help! I skipped my sugar pills... can i have sex?
Yep you'll be fine. In all my years of taking birthcontrol and the occasional skipping a period I had no issues (just sometimes a messed up cycle)

I've taken Triphasil(1yr) Ortho-Tricyclen(3yrs) TriNessa(5yrs)) and Tri-Sprintec(2yrs) and when I would skip a period I had maybe some minor breakthrough bleeding.

Kszan 08-02-2013 06:16 AM

Re: Please Help! I skipped my sugar pills... can i have sex?
The only problem is that when you're on a triphasic pill, like ortho tricyclen, the hormone levels are different from week to week which makes it harder to skip a period with those. There's a specific order you're supposed to take them if you want to skip and it's not just a matter of skipping the sugar pills. I can't remember what I read about it but I was always on a monophasic pill so I never had an issue with skipping.

Hopefully someone on a triphasic pill who has successfully skipped will be able to tell you. I know that I have read may cases where women on triphasic pills who just skipped the placebos and went right to a new pack had the same issue with bleeding. I've seen it a lot on these boards. Maybe you should google it and see if you can find the correct way to skip on a triphasic. But don't freak out about the bleeding. It's no big deal its just really annoying. It doesn't mean your bc is failing or anything so don't worry about that. You just messed up your hormones by skipping wrong that's all.

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