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    42, otherwise known as Life, The Universe and Everything

    Well, I last used my electronic cigarette at 10pm last night. I put my patch on before I went to bed and am currently 'Inhaled' nicotine free.

    This is quite a difficult exercise in terminology as I used primarily an electronic cigarette, so most of the time I was not smoking, just inhaling vaporised nicotine.... Anyhow, currently I have not inhaled smoke/nicotine for 12 hours and 11 minutes.... Although I was asleep for the most part. I am using a combination of patches and also the nicotine lozenges. I have only used 2 lozenges at the minute, one while I was reading in bed last night, and one this morning when I woke up. At the minute I am feeling ok, not particularly craving, although my chest is very sore, but I will not find out much more on that until Tuesday when I have the X-Ray results.

    I have also downloaded a programme (legally free programme) called quit keeper which is a timer that shows how long you have not smoked, how much money you have saved, how many cigarettes you have not smoked and how much life you have saved..... It also shows milestones and gives a goal to work towards.

    As far as the chest pains go, well am still in a reasonable amount of pain, and am both dreading Tuesday with all my heart, but also looking forward to it. Two sides of the same coin; if it is not bad news, then hopefully treatment can begin and also there will be hope for the future. At the same time, I am looking to update my will. Updating my will is something that I should have done already, regardless of the outcome on Tuesday, but even so, it is another step in accepting my own mortality.

    Anyhow, once again, work is calling..... Just another postscript before I go.... I have to go to the audiologist and have my hearing aids tweaked.

    When I first got fitted with them and they turned them on for the first time (at the levels determined by my hearing test) it was so loud I could hear my trousers rustling, so I had them turned down significantly. I am now slowly building up to the level they should have been. I am using NHS aids at the minute which are not as discreet as I would like, and so I will (once money allows) be looking for some better 'hidden' hearing aids at some point. I will also include this in my blog when I get to that point and let you all know what happens with that as well...

    Anyhow, thank you for reading up to now. I hope this is not boring, but one thing.... it is quite strange. I find it very difficult even with people I know to talk (mild aspie here) but here I am almost pouring my heart out to people I do not know and this is quite odd.... Maybe this blog is almost a form of therapy? ha, it may even make me more socially aware and understanding.... this is something else to explore as the blog moves forward.
    Posted 07-22-2011 at 03:25 AM by Phil uk Phil uk is offline
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    42, otherwise known as Life, The Universe and Everything

    Following Doc Visit

    When do I start? well, last thing tonight.

    I have patches and low strength lozenges as well. The patch goes on at bed-time tonight, so it starts to work while I am asleep and therefore I will not be craving nicotine while I am waiting for the patch to start.

    This is more a case of nicotine dependency as I am not smoking but6 vaping (using electronic cigarette) either way I am still inhaling cr.. rubbish into my lungs.

    One good thing was that the doc did say that the fact I could hold by breath and breathe out long enough to get a CO (carbon monoxide reading) was positive news for the condition of my lungs. Still waiting for the X-Ray to determine anything further. But hopefully if it is bad, it is caught early enough, but maybe it is just a wake-up call.... Tis a bloody terrible wake-up call, but let us hope that is what it is.... I will say more tomorrow and let you all know how the nicotine thing is going.

    I have to work again, but have also got some stronger pain-killers to hopefully allow me to do this.
    Posted 07-21-2011 at 04:13 AM by Phil uk Phil uk is offline
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    42, otherwise known as Life, The Universe and Everything

    Just a quick message at the minute, it is 08:15 local time now, 2 hours and 5 minutes I have my smoking cessation appointment.

    Although I have managed to cut down the cigarettes with the use of my electronic cigarette (which according to the adverts gives all the same effects as smoking without the harmful chemicals) I am not sure of it's safety.

    So Smoking cessation or nicotine cessation? I guess the latter is the better description. Strange, I feel quite nervous, at the same time a really evil, terrible voice in the back of my head is telling me that due to the chest pains, it is too late, so I may as well carry on and enjoy it while I can. How stupid is that? I thought that I was an intelligent person, but obviously I have a portion of brain that must have been damaged by head injuries as a child!

    Anyhow, The current situation is that I (hopefully) get my X-Ray results on Tuesday and I am on some kind of nicotine replacement therapy or some other form of cessation therapy at some point today. I am not sure how best to handle this, do I carry on with my electronic cigarette until tonight and then wake up tomorrow as a new leaf? or do I walk out of the doctors today and box up all my e-cig (vaping) stuff? not sure, this is a question for the professionals I guess.

    I really hope that it is not too late, I want to see my son grow up.... Anyhow, I will post another later once I get out of the doctors.
    Posted 07-21-2011 at 01:21 AM by Phil uk Phil uk is offline

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