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My lyme disease story

Posted 05-11-2011 10:26 PM by 1bravegirrl

I am now about 5 or 6 weeks post tick bite state and have been thru the ringer. I am currently on doxy 100mg 3x day and am feeling that reaction that you get when the bacteria is being killed.? forget the name but today I could barely walk.

I have had classic textbook symptoms and it started off with a wicked fever, chills, sweating profusely and then the worst flu like sx and absolutely no energy or strength to mention.
I had begun to take Keflex thinking it may be a tooth since my filling had partially fallen out but the dentist stated he didn't see any sign of infection but that it could be why i had chills? doubted it though..

So after about a week or 2 or 3 I thought about that tick bite and thought to myself.. what if? and did some research after I got out of denial.. and what do ya no.. every stinkin thing I feel is what you get if the tick is infected. I had headaches every week with the worst neck and shoulder, arm pain in the world. Remembering that the tick was in my shoulder and some of it stayed inside me when I attempted to remove it as I've done many time with my animals. but this was not a smooth removal by any means. I took a needle and picked the remaining parts out. I no.. not good.
So I made it spread more inside my system by not having hands in the back of my body.. lol

So now after my paralysed bowels have been unleased, i lost 5 lbs in 3 days.. yep, unbelievable pain and toxicity from colon paralysis. And I was and still am very foggy headed and almost like im drugged. My H thought I was on dope! and it was only the toxins in my brain making me sound so crazy.

this has been a very scary month to endure and I can only pray that catching it in time even with all the horrible symptoms I have had and continue to have to this day will still be a success story when I finish this course of AB's.

I am taking a lyme screening test tomorrow for all the co infections and other bacteria and then seeing a dr that specializes in lyme disease since the dr i seen last week said its all in my head and im probably just hormonal! I am going to take my test results from this test and smack him upside the head with it asap!!
so i have an appt with a GYN dr Friday just incase there is something to that but I know now its lyme no doubt in my mind. at 47 i may be a bit peri menopausal but you shouldn't feel as if your dying and can't poop or walk or talk and have chills every day and this comes on that quick and only get relief with antibiotics.. no thats no menopausal stuff i ever heard of and all of this after i pull a tick out of my back.. hmmmm.. well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put this together right?

so now that i'm 5 lbs lighter and a bit more clear headed on my 3rd ab today i am going to stay vigilent in my journal so I can keep up to date on my progress. the tick bite was about April 3rd, had chills about 4 days later and have felt like death ever since. only a few days of relief while on anti biotics but waxing and waning every day since. so we shall see what tomorrow brings.. til next time..
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