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Day 7 tonsillectomy

Posted 06-18-2012 07:13 PM by Apache Kristy

Day 7. Went less than peachy i can say lol. i was watching tv with my boyfriend when we decided it was time to get ready for bed. So i got up to do so, and was immediatly greeted by a freeflow of hot blood in my mouth. Panicing, i ran to the bathroom and started spitting blood. enough to fill a cup! My boyfriend rushed me to the hospital, and wouldnt it figure? it was one of the busiest nights the hospitals seens in months! Let me put it this way, I got there at 11pm on Sunday and didnt leave until 3:30pm on Monday!!!!! Most of it was due to 3 severe trauma patients coming in moments before me, who were more severe than my own condition, so i had to wait. We tried to ER Cauterize it (a stick with nitroz oxid on the end. when it touches saliva, it burns the skin) to try and get the bleeding to stop. Worked for about 10 min. but as soon as i stood up, it free flowed all over again. In the end, I ended up going back into the OR with the same surgeon and having that side re-cauterized.
REASON OF BLEEDING: I have a very tiny mouth, and with the curve of the tonsil removal, it was very easy to not be able to see ALL of the spots needed to be cauturized. So, the surgeon missed a spot or two. And with my throwing up from the other medication, it irritated it enough for it to actually 'hold' large amounts of blood in my cheek (causing all that tooth ache). Note that they say this is rare, and I dont want to panic you. But if you have a very sore bump on the back of your throat that is not scabby but really red and just skin, have it looked at.
ETC. I went thru 4 IV drip bags of fluids to get back for all the blood i had lost, and had the recauterizing of that one area. In total, i was in the OR itself for only 15 minutes, then 1 hr to wake up afterwards. After discribing my medication issues with Roxicet, they prescribed me with Hydrocodone-apap. basically Vikadin. the taste is horrendous, the smell is revolting, and it makes me gag. but it works.
I am still getting stomach pain, but i think that this time it is from not eating from Noon on Sunday till 5pm on Monday, but will keep updating on that.
NOTE TO ALL: If you have bleeding that is more than what you would fill a teaspoon and it just keeps coming, dont mess around! go straight to the E.R. True, i was scared. Terrified that something had gone wrong. But a simple fix really. And honestly, i feel better now than i have all week!!!! the headaches have gone, the pain in my jaw is non-existant, and swallowing is much more barable.
Even STILL through all this, i dont regret having my tonsills removed. My breathing has never been better, and I wouldnt take that back for anything. <3 Keep strong anyone who has gotten this operation. I will keep blogging my experiences until I am 100% healed so u know EXACLTY whats going on from a patients point of view :)
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