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Day 8 Tonsillectomy

Posted 06-19-2012 04:26 PM by Apache Kristy

DAY 8. and i feel fantastic! honestly lol, no sarcasm intended lol. after that recent re-op where they fixed the bleeding in my throat, ive felt better these past two days than i have ALL WEEK. i can talk, i can swallow comfortably, its been great! I did have one issue, and it was the medication they prescribed for me (Hydrocodone-apap) that i noticed that every time i take it, either sides of my tongue go numb. i called the doctors and asked, but they said as long as its helping the pain and im not having trouble swallowing or breathing or developing any abnormalties (like a rash or irritation) then i should not worry and keep taking it. they prescribed me to take 1 tablespoon (10 on my syringe) by mouth every 4 hrs. ive found that i can take 8 (little less than 1 tablespoon) and still be comfortable, so i figured i'll do that during the day and more at night. the less medication i can use comfortably (with my doctor's permission of course) i feel is better. Though i was really getting used to eating solid food again, im back to liquids because of my newly put scabs, which have yet to go from black to white or cream colored, so i know they are still very sensative and can break easy. and i DONT want another night in the hospital lol, so im not taking any chances!! I may try mashed potatoes again, just to see how it goes. other than that, things are looking up and ive been told by many that im acting and sounding like im much better :) thank goodness!!!
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