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Days 11-13

Posted 06-24-2012 08:38 PM by Apache Kristy

Days 11-13. Sorry I havent posted lately, (not that anyone's reading anyway lol) but past few days have been pretty good. Its still pretty tender to eat certain foods, but at least im eating. I got really really sick of potatoes and pop sickles and mac & cheese now, to the point that i dont want to even see them anymore. So my bf got me a steak & cheese, which surprisingly worked very well. I havent had any of the medication today because if figured 'hey, if it doesnt hurt, why add more chemicals to my body?'. not that i would advise anyone to stop taking their meds, but my doctor did say that if i felt like i didnt need it, dont take it. even on the bottle it says 'take as needed' so i guess its ok. we'll see. it kind of is disappointing that im still tender and everything on almost over 2 weeks, but its expected i guess since it was recauterized. meh. :/ thats all for now. after this tonsillectomy thing is over with im not gonna have anything to talk about lol. oh well.
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