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Days 14-16, Last Tonsillectomy Blog

Posted 06-27-2012 06:30 AM by Apache Kristy

Days 14 thru 16. and I think that this will be the last entry about my tonsillectomy unless something happens (and i hope nothing does lol).
Eating is almost completely back to normal, except with pizza sauces and ketchup and the like, as it does sting a little too much for comfort. I probably will never touch sherert, pop sickles or slushies ever again for as long as i live. I am back up to normal as best I can I think, so there's not much to write. There is, however, one small detail that worries me a bit. My tongue. It has been several days since I stopped taking that medication (Hydro-codone) but the sides of my tongue are still numb. I can talk okay, but its rather annoying still that its numb, especially if I am chewing gum (which they recommend doing after you're healed because it gets your jaw back up to speed since you haven't really 'chewed' anything for several weeks). Also, when I get up in the morning (especially this morning in particular) I have an awful taste in my mouth, kind of like an anesthetic or some sort of medication taste. It's sort of puzzled me. If the numbness does not fade in a week, I will go back to see a doctor. Wish me luck
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