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Aromatherapy Herbs

Posted 10-28-2010 05:42 PM by aromas

Among the various therapies in the market, Aroma Therapy is well known for its effective and long lasting effect. The use of aromatic herbs is increasing on and on. It is being used world wide. The basic origin of aromatherapy herbs is from china. The Chinese people use these aromatic herbs to enhance their well being. As these herbs are extracted from the natural plants they are totally safe in any manner.
Aromatherapy Herbs

1. There are about over three hundred varieties of herbs as oil extracts which are using all over the world. Some important herbs are lemon grass, nutmeg, rosemary, sandalwood, and sage, thyme, clove basil and parsley.
2. These mentioned herbs are used in daily basis. Even one may have the use of these extracts without any prescription. These aromatic herbs do really effects with no side effects.
3. Some herbs do have a specific effect in reference to the medicinal background. If you are having problem of acne, diabetes, depression or hair loss then you may use particular aromatherapy herbs for particular disease. Natural herbs are in abundance in India also. India and china are the centers of aromatic herbs that go world wide.

Aromatherapy in Cosmetics

The beauty companies use the aromatic herbs in their own way. They enter the market with these aromatic herbs, and become successful. The products produced by the beauty companies contain ingredients of these aroma herbs. Till date, there is no single case of any side effect by these natural herbs. These natural herbs cure you effectively with no side effects.

Some of the herbs that are used in abundance are mentioned below:-

Lavender - Lavender is referred to the queen of herbs. This herb is one of the most powerful herbs that come under aromatherapy. It is well known to cure your anxiety and headaches. It helps your nerves to get relax. Lavender is very effective on sunburn .fungal infections or insect bites

Garlic - Who is not aware of the importance of garlic? It plays a vital role in our life. We use it on regular basis. Garlic is one of the anti septic herbs. It improves our respiratory and digestive system.

Tea tree - Tea tree herb is basically used for the problems of infections and bacteria virus. It also helps a person in asthma, tuberclosis, rashes and spots.

Basils - We often grow basil in our flower garden. It adds up the beauty to our gardens and hangings and also reduces headaches and migraine problems. It can also be taken in drinking tea .it improves digestive system.

These are the few herbs explained above from a lot of herbs. The aromatic herbs have a very good healing power also. That is why these aromatic herbs are having a great demand by the surgeons and doctors.

Till date there is not a single complaint of any negative affect by these aromatic herbs. But still if you are hesitating in using these natural herbs then you may consult any good practitioner before using them.
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