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My peeling and cracking hands (palms and fingers) = cured

Posted 09-24-2010 10:29 PM by BalazarsBrain

My peeling and cracking hands (palms and fingers) = cured

Hey guys, I want to share my story of how I cured my peeling hands/fingers/palms in about 20 days. I decided to write this because I learned this from reading online forums, and I am so grateful for the posts that I read, and now I want to give back to you guys what I have learned.

My Symptoms:

I’m in my late 20’s, and it started about 4 years ago. There were patches on my hands where the skin would turn reddish (sometimes a bit yellow too) and become irritated and itchy, and the skin would thicken underneath. The skin was also very dry, and would begin to eventually crack and peel, and become very hard and rough. It would also sometimes crack with the peeling, and become very painful…not to mention it looked disgusting.

It started in the “webbing” area between my left thumb and index finger, and weirdly it happened in the same exact place on my right hand (like a mirror image). Later, it completely left these areas of both hands and moved to the palm of my left hand and also the fingers of both my right and left hands…it would affect the areas right below the tips of my fingers (mostly on the sides of the fingers)

Initial Visit to the Dermatologist, Diagnosis, and Failed Treatment:

The dermatologist diagnosed me with a type of Psoriasis, although I’m very skeptical of his opinion because the doctor was NOT able to treat me effectively. He gave me a cream that did actually help a bit with the dryness, but it definitely wasn’t effective at curing it. He said my skin-problem was an auto-immune response (like allergies) and that there really wasn’t a cure, it’s just your body responding to something…or even responding to nothing at all. Once again, I’m not sure if I trust this opinion.

The Cure!!!...

Fish Oil Capsules 3 times a day: I’m taking liquid soft-gels of “fish oil +D3” that has 1200 mg of fish oil and 1000 IU of D3. (I’m really not sure if the Vitamin D has anything to do with the cure, but someone recommended that to me, and it seems to be working.)

Also, along with the Fish Capsules I take about a tablespoon of flax-seed oil 3 times a day (I take it at the same time as the fish oil)

Other options that should work:
***The recipe that seems to be working for other people is any type of oil high in Omega 3, so try different things and post it and let us know how it works!!!
-Fish oil: a lot of people recommended this, so I went for this option
-Black currant seed Oil: Quite a few people actually recommended this…it’s supposed to be very high in Omega 3
-Krill Oil: a couple people recommended this one…again, high in Omega 3
-Flax-seed Oil: a couple people recommended it
-Poke-seed Oil a couple people recommended it

Other ideas:
*Soap: Use a good moisturizing soap in the shower (Dove, Ivory, Levar)…I even use this instead of shampoo/conditioner.
*Stop washing your hands so much…you don’t want to strip the natural oil off your hands
*Put a lot of lotion/moisturizer on in the morning: once before you go to the gym, once immediately after you take a shower, once after you eat, and once before you go off to work/school…then do it again when you get home, and after you eat, and put a lot on before you go to bed….I don’t worry about it so much when I’m at work, but it might be a good idea
*Any Good lotion/moisturizer
*Humidifier: if you live in a dry apartment like I do, then this is probably a good idea…I haven’t gotten one yet, but I probably will, although they can be expensive ($30-$100 for a good one). I also get a dry throat, and have trouble sleeping from the dryness.

Changes to expect over the next 20 day period:

On the FIRST day of taking it, I did notice a small change in my skin when I woke up the next morning…it wasn’t quite as dry as usual. Unfortunately, one day later I had an episode where my hands started peeling like crazy for a couple days…and then I thought it wasn’t going to work. I decided to keep taking it (but not get my hopes up). Eventually, my hands started healing…and after about 15 days, there was a drastic change in my hands. ***NOTE, this is the FIRST time my hands/fingers have been this clear in 4 years!!!

Now it has been about 20 days, and my hands are probably 95% healed. There is no more peeling, it’s NOT noticeable to other people, and I only have 2 small patches where I can tell the skin is thicker underneath (one patch on my left palm, and another small patch on my left index finger). I am completely happy with these results  but I’m hoping it will eventually clear up 100%.

On a final note…I LOVE you guys on the forum that have led me to this, and I am so grateful for your posts!
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