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How My Health Is Changing My Life - Part 4

Posted 02-07-2012 06:49 AM by dogmum

So, at this point I was feeling pretty frustrated with the whole system. In total over the last 4 months I've been in the ER a total of 10 times. The last time, the ER doc gave me the name of yet another MS specialist in another city on the sly when the neurologist on call just read my file, gave me a painkiller and sent me home.

I did a VEP test, at my own request, during which my neurologist came in to look at the results and yelled at me for "not trying hard enough"....
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Family seem to have little understanding

Posted 03-06-2010 05:47 PM by Myofascial Pain
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My brother who works in the medical field, recently discussed this very issue. Fact is even with all his knowledge and experience working with pain clinics, the only way he can try to relate to what I am experiencing is to try to use his imagination since he's never experienced it. Even so his imagination isn't enough to make that leap. The only family member I can relate to on my condition is my cousin who has arachnoidiitis. She finally has relief with an opiate pump implant. The other person...
Myofascial Pain
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Fears of taking a walk lately because.....

Posted 03-24-2010 08:36 PM by Janaly
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For about a year now I've had an intense phobia of taking walks
outdoors. Anywhere mostly.....but walking outside of our community
mall is ok as I feel dogs would not attack me there. This is a real
big thing right now and I cannot figure out for sure why it's seeming
to escalate!

I've only been bitten once mildly years ago by my sisters dog.
Otherwise no bites I can think of.

I am searching my thoughts and trying to come up with...
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A little about me...

Posted 09-19-2011 08:19 AM by sickandtired99
Updated 09-19-2011 08:20 AM by sickandtired99

I started fainting around age 9 and noticed my heart would flip flop around alot and beat out of my chest when I ran or played.

I remember the first time I fainted...I was at summer camp and they had to carry me to the office to be sent home because I scared them so bad when they couldn't awaken me. I was told I was out for quite awhile and just remember waking up being carried and all the camp watching me. It was so embarassing I learned not to tell anyone if I fainted alone....
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Fainting, Arrhythmia's and anxiety...oh my!

Posted 09-20-2011 06:11 AM by sickandtired99
Updated 09-22-2011 06:39 AM by sickandtired99

In June 2009 I fell broke my foot and went in to a dr when it didn't heal. He checked my foot but because I complained of my left shoulder and side where I fell into a door jamb; he did an exam and heard what he thought was valve problems.

He sent me to a cardiologist & EP who did a ton of testing. I had many EKG's, stress test, echo and holter monitor. I was quite shocked I had roughly 50,000 pvc's and some minor valve problems; but deemed "strucutrally" normal. ...
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