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Hello, I am ME!

Posted 06-20-2011 10:05 AM by blueeyes22988

I am ME. I'm feeling a little lonely today, well mostly every day. I find all I wish for is to be NORMAL, whatever that means.

I'm 22 years old, been Happily marriesd for 4 years, I am a little unhappy at work but otherwise was happy with life.
Then I find out I probably can't conceive a child naturally and would need help. Aswell as having PCOS I'm overweight and can't loose it, so I'm on these tablets to try and help me, but I'm too scared to weigh just incase I disapoint myself or others, then I get a period for nearly 7 weeks and am now off sick cos I was so drained, I cry all the time and can feel myself well up as I write.
I don't feel I want to talk to my husband as I don't want to burdon him and become silly or stupid because I can't change what has happened, but.... I need to vent what I'm feeling. I have a Cognitive behaviour therapist (for my OCD) however she is not...Well in the right field I think.
My doctor is lovely but again I feel silly if I go to him and say I feel blue, plus I don't want to admit I'm blue as I would probably not go to work and them I'd be stuffed getting bluer and thats not good for my career.
I am Lost......
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