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Part two my love hate relationship with pain

Posted 06-23-2013 09:25 PM by bshorter30

In march 2012 six years after my last broken ankle I sprained my ankle bad enough I thought it was broken, scared me to the core! All was well within a few days of ice and elevation. Well two weeks later while getting out of my car to put my kids on the bus, down I went, again. ( Are you seeing the theme of my life) Man oh man it sucked pretty bad. So later that day I called and made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor who had preformed my ankle surgery. He took X-rays and wiggled my foot to and fro. Then sent me to a podiatrist who his wife went to.

My first appoint ment with this ankle specialist was awesome to say the least!! I told him what had been going on with my foot , and whammy he knew what so many other doctors just didn't take seriously. He ordered X-rays, which we did in his office, and an MRI. So two weeks later I'm back to see my ankle doc to get my MRI results. His reaction as he read the report was priceless. I'm looking at him scared out of my mind and he is shaking his head muttering " how did you do this to your self", and " this shouldn't be here on a person so young". By now I was white as a sheet, about ready to run for the hills! Then he looks at me and informs me that I need surgery
. My ankle was basically junk. I had osteoarthritis, a torn ligament , and partially torn tendon. I was told this was just to buy time for me. That eventually I would need a total ankle replacement with in ten years. So we scheduled the surgery for a month later in June.

Well I guess it wasn't in my cards to have my ankle surgery. In may, 2 weeks before the scarest surgery I was ever going to have I got sick. I had pancreatitis, and was in the hospital for3 days. So yea not ankle surgery. Then after a month and more testing I had a kaput gallbladder and it had to go. So In July I had my gallbladder removed.

After recovering fully from my gallbladder surgery I rescheduled my ankle surgery for September. I was scared out of my mind!! I woke up afterwards in the or still in the most pain I have ever been in in my life. They had given me a nerve block to take care of the pain. So I assume they have me minimal pain medication before I woke up. Wrong move docs ! So after an hour and three different pain meds we were doin good.

So I was sent home to recover in a fluff cast that bore my doctors mark a smiliy face, and a drain tub attached. I was amused at the drawing just to find out it was his way if seeing if his patients had undid his ace bandage fluff cast. Smart, very smart and a bit sneaky.

Well I healed from that surgery, and was still in pain. I did my pt faithfully , and was still in pain. At my six month appointment I was fed up. I informed him I paid for every step I took. The more I took the higher my pain level went. So we tried cortisone injections , topical creams, NSAIDs, until finally we had to go to the one thing I had fought for years, pain meds. If I wanted to walk at all I had to take them. I was already on meds for nerve damage and hypersincativity, so I caved for relief. The meds worked well within thirty minutes of taking them I was almost totally pain free! So he wanted to green light my ankle replacement.

That brings us to may of 2013. I had scheduled my ankle replacement surgery for June when my hubby had two weeks of vacation. Well karma must really hate me because my mother inlaw fell and broke her arm Mother's Day. She needed to have surgery and someone to take care of her 24/7. My hubby works full time and I babysit part time as well as take care of the house and kiddos. So I got the job, I was beside myself with grief. Not because I would be taking care of her but because my surgery had to be rescheduled, and I knew it would be more months of pain in store for me. Oh man that night I took a shower , sat in the tub and cried. I cried so hard and for so long I thought I would never stop. I eventually did and pulled my self up by the boot straps and got over it. Nothing could change the situation, and I knew my mother inlaw already felt bad about the situation, Plus the fall wasn't her falt it was work related.

So the first few days were rough. My mother in law has narapathy in her legs really bad. So she can't feel them and uses a walker to get around so she doesn't loose her balance and fall. Well take an arm away and bam she needed help with everything. It was like having a newborn again. I had to help her with every little thing, plus all my normal cleaning , take care of my kids, and the two kids I babysat. We slept downstairs because I was scared that she wouldn't be able to hadle the stairs.

So, by day four I woke up with what I thought was a crick in my neck on the right side. By Sunday I went to an urgent care I couldn't wait until my doctors office opened Tuesday due to the Memorial Day holiday. They said it was a bad case of muscle spasms , and sent me home with meds. Well by the following Thursday I was dieing ! I thought for sure I was broken! Also something alarming was happening to my right arm. It started off as a little strength loss. No biggie I chalked it up as muscle spasms making my arm tired. Then Thursday I notced my right bicep was numb , holly cow I almost had a heart attack. So at the ER they did an MRI and some X-rays. My results shocked the doctor to say the least. I had hernated a disc in my neck at C5-C6. He admitted me overnight to help me with the pain and to hopefully get me am epidural steriod injection. Well after finding out the dr my nurosurgon used was out of town he released me, after giving me the tenth degree about me being on pain meds for my ankle.

So the following Tuesday the nurse set me up an appointment for what she said was an ESI. So I went ready and nervous. Just to find out it was an appointment to make the ESI appointment. I was livid. I waited an hour in the waiting room, and another hour in the room just to make an appointment.

Well I wasn't having this dude cut my neck if it came to that. So I went and saw my Pcp and let him know I needed another neurosurgeon. He read the MRI results to me and let me know that I had a 60% chance of having surgery. My MRI said I had a large Herneated disc at c5-c6 with nerve compression on the right side as well at cord compression with mild signal loss. So far every time he's said something like that its came true. So he got me in with the best neurosurgeon in my area.

My first appointment with this new doc was scary but good too. He wants to do surgery due to my neurological symptoms getting worse. I asked Him about the ESI and he said if you want to try them then that's fine, but if my symptoms got worse to just call and schedule the fusion with his office.

That brings us to today. I am about 2 weeks out from my first ESI and one week away from my next one. It helped with the intensity of the muscle spams I was having but did nothing for my numbing, tingling , or the burning sensation I've been having. Also I now feel tingling on my left side as well. I'm almost certain I will need surgery my numbness has progressed all the way to my thumb. My right arm if you hit even gently I get nerve pain like the nerve is right there on the surface of my skin.
I just hope I can wait until July to schedule my sugery, its financially more convient ,and my mother inlaw will be even more self safishient. She pretty much just needs her meals made and her meds brought to her. I hope waiting doesn't give me perminate nerve damage though. Who knows.

Well now I have written a book I think this is the perfect stopping point.
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