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Surgery date has been set, well kinda of

Posted 06-27-2013 06:51 AM by bshorter30

Good morning all! I hope you all are healing well, and pain free.

Yesterday was a doozy, to say the least! I talked to my husband about my symptoms Tuesday night and decided I needed to talk to my neurosurgeon. So yesterday I had crazy amounts if anxiety every time I even thought of calling. Finally about lunch time I got the courage and called.

The person I was suppose to talk to answered the phone. So I explained that the doctor had given me instructions to call and set up surgery if my symptoms got worse or my ESI ( epidural steroid injection) didn't work. She grabbed my file and asked me what my symptoms were and or how they had changed. I told her my numbing crawled from my elbow into my thumb on my right arm. Also I had tingling on my left arm as well, with sharp twinges every so often. I had also told her about an episode that scared the bajesus out of me. I was laying in bed and my tingling was on high. While laying on my side my tingling crawled up my neck stopping at the crown of my head. I got a rush of fear thinking I could wake up paralyzed. I know I know anxiety , but its terrifying.

She looked for the doctors notes and read them to me. I was to call ASAP if I had any progression of my symptoms. Surgery was to then be scheduled immediately. She told me he was a very conservative surgeon never having written anything like that. Normally it's lets watch it over two weeks or so.

Anywho we started talking dates. She had two openings for my surgeon July 3rd or 12th. Now my anxiety level was through the roof by now! So here I am waiting to find out if my neurosurgeon will approve the 12 being its a Friday, and with my ACDF surgery I'm to stay over night. If not the 3rd is the only option.

So now I have list of things to be done and bought. As well as a house to get in order for surgery. So I'm off to start, Have a great day!!
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