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Second full visit to PM (3'rd overall)

Posted 06-13-2012 04:31 PM by Recombinant

Earlier this week I had my second full appointment with my PM (excluding the consult visit 5 years ago). It went extremely well I must say.

It started with a UA after signing in. This is the second UA I have had with him; the first time I had taken Norco and Xanax within 12 hours of the appointment, so I assume I was positive for both. I have a somewhat recent script from my previous doc for Norco, but my Xanax script is several years old. The lab tech asked what meds I was on, and...
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Living with Bipolar

Posted 06-10-2012 03:29 PM by ParanoiaKills

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder this year and I am not sure if it is the right diagnosis. Please tell me what this sounds like. I am extremely paranoid to the point of looking through my boyfriends stuff and counting condoms. I get rapid thoughts and often react to them right away not thinking. I get so upset I start smashing stuff and get violent. I cry a lot if I am upset. I often times will get so angery and do something I regreat and not learn from it and keep doing it over and...
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Update (UGH)

Posted 06-09-2012 01:46 PM by Beck21

Hi all. This is Beck. Well I got back from a 5 day vacation and thank goodness. The trip was good but I felt stressed out. My grandmother does her best but she still annoys me sometimes. Not her fault I should point out. On the home front I have not heard from my bro who was complaining all the time. To tell the truth I am relieved. My thoughts today are all a jumble with no rhyme or reason. I don't feel like making sense today but rather just rambling about random stuff. I have not been sleeping...
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I'm sad today

Posted 05-18-2012 10:34 AM by Rdbomb94
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...tomorrow's my birthday and it just make me sad. My mom and my sister moved to Florida about 2 1/2 yrs ago and I am so close to both of them. I just wish they could be up here for it. Times are hard and my mom still hasn't found a job down there. I have my husband and my angels a daughter, & 2 sons. They will take me to dinner and give me gifts. But I guess that's all part of life. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I don't know why,I always have. My dad suffers from depression and my sister...
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Crazy life I live.

Posted 05-15-2012 11:45 PM by KayJayDee

Okay so I'm sure I need to see a psychologist but I've always felt like that would be a complete waste of breath and time. I am now 22 and as the days pass me by I start to feel more alone. Since I was like 16 I always told myself to trust no one but myself. I used to have many friends but I don't forgive people for their wrongs and flaws. I don't let the past go and I seem to detach myself when engaging in conversations with others. I like to be alone but at the same time I can't stand to be alone....
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