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lumbar spinal fusion post op

Posted 05-13-2015 04:24 AM by stephbee620
Updated 05-15-2015 11:46 PM by Administrator

I am now 6 weeks post op. I had an anterior incision for a two level lumbar disc fusion with corpectomy. Overall I feel fine. My incision is completely healed and I'm applying bio oil. My abdomen still feels a little bruised but only when I lay a certain way. My back is healing nicely, still tough to sit from laying, and standing from lower positions is difficult but also expected due to time frame. My next appointment is day after tomorrow, then I will see about physical therapy and progress, also...
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Obamacare: How It Affects You!

Posted 10-09-2013 10:07 AM by ChristaIB
Updated 10-17-2013 11:45 AM by ChristaIB (add tags: Affordable Care Act, ACA)

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Obamacare is now official! On October 1, 2013 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was launched.

The media have covered all the governmental activities and controversies leading up to the official launch of the ACA (or insurance, since a lot of people are still unclear about what the Affordable Care Act does, and what direct effect it has on them.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Basics

As of January 2014, all U.S. Citizens will be required to have...
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Health Tax Shelter Basics

Posted 02-27-2013 04:21 PM by ChristaIB
Updated 10-09-2017 07:12 AM by IBJose

It is tax time! As you gather together your tax-related paperwork, you will want to make sure to include any receipts or statements related to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), if you have one. Your company may offer these types of savings accounts as a benefit. Did you sign up for an HSA or FSA in 2012? Don't forget to take advantage of it!

Just in case you're not quite sure how these special savings accounts work, we're providing the Healthboards community with some links that...
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My orthopedic surgeries

Posted 10-30-2012 01:41 AM by Bakedroses
Updated 11-02-2012 12:35 AM by Administrator

Last week, I had my sixth orthopedic surgery in 16 years, on an ankle (the others were on knees and a wrist). I'm required to be nonweightbearing for some period of time. I thought that by posting some coping strategies, both before and after surgeries, my experiences might help some others here.

I like being independent and am used to doing things for and by myself, and feeling more in control of my life, so it's been difficult to adjust to being in a wheelchair, unable to exit...
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Taking Control of our Own Health Destiny

Posted 07-30-2010 08:55 AM by Sunsetnan
Updated 07-31-2010 12:06 AM by Sunsetnan (Added text for clarity.)

I'm learning a lot reading the glycemic load diet book. It is much less strict than the low blood sugar handbook. It tells you to eliminate refined starches, but it allows you to have some sugar and flour in small amounts. In effect, it lets you to not sweat the small stuff.

I will have to see how these dietary changes effect my blood sugar. So, far I haven't caught my blood sugar any higher than 114 mg/dl or any lower than 74 mg/dl. It's mostly in the 80's before meals and...
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