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Hormone Problems

Living with Bipolar

Posted 06-10-2012 03:29 PM by ParanoiaKills

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder this year and I am not sure if it is the right diagnosis. Please tell me what this sounds like. I am extremely paranoid to the point of looking through my boyfriends stuff and counting condoms. I get rapid thoughts and often react to them right away not thinking. I get so upset I start smashing stuff and get violent. I cry a lot if I am upset. I often times will get so angery and do something I regreat and not learn from it and keep doing it over and...
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Don't even know where to start!

Posted 09-16-2010 03:57 PM by SweetMadness73

I'm 37 and I've suffered from what I've come to finally know as "air hunger". All my life I've had such a difficult time getting in a good satisfying breath. I am constantly yawning ( a very long and probably completely ridiculous looking process)...just to get in maybe one good breath. It's gotten so bad that I've given myself pleuriitis from straining so hard to get that breath in! My doctor has me on xanax, it doesn't really help (at least with the breathing). I can go weeks, sometimes...
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