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Lupron Depot + Add-Back Therapy...

Posted 04-07-2015 01:13 PM by k742

After the last appt I had with my GYN, we decided that the lesser of the evils would be to try a round of Lupron Depot injections.

For those not familiar with it, Lupron Depot basically suppresses the signals from the pituitary gland to the ovaries that stimulate estrogen production; this in turn suppresses the hormones that enables endometriosis to grow. It aides in pain relief, as well as shrinks existing adhesions and cysts (according to the website). The Add-Back therapy is to...
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An update - finally!

Posted 02-11-2015 02:41 PM by k742

Wow, I haven't updated this blog for a long time! Not sure if anyone actually reads it, but what the heck.

So...back in November 2014 I had laparoscopic surgery (robotic assisted) to officially diagnose the endometriosis we all suspected, and attempt to excise what could be removed, and check the status of my ovaries, tubes, etc.

Turns out, it's like someone squirted glue inside my abdomen and everything is fused together - my bowel and bladder are attached in some...
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7 Fertility-Boosting Foods

Posted 09-16-2014 06:20 PM by ChristaIB
Updated 09-16-2014 06:48 PM by ChristaIB

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Trying to conceive can be an exciting time for many, but it can also be frustrating when conception doesn’t happen as expected. There are a variety of factors that affect conception, including diet. Vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, vitamin B, folate, zinc and vitamin E, all play an important role in the reproductive health of men and women trying to conceive. In order to boost your chances of getting pregnant, take note of these fertility-boosting foods.

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Sick of it All!

Posted 02-19-2011 12:38 PM by patientlywaitn

Sometimes I really just want to quit trying. I haven't started AF yet but I feel like I do every other month around this time. Should be starting towards the end of next week. It's really hard to stay positive in situations like this. We still don't know definitively why we are ot conceiving. I have a wonderful fiance who has continued to support me and our efforts but he will never understand from a woman's perspective. I find myself feeling totally hopeless. Thsi is one of those things over which...
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Progesterone Results

Posted 02-16-2011 06:22 PM by patientlywaitn

The nurse already called this morning with my results; I was at an 8.5 and she said they like to see a 12. I was kind of prepared for a low reading but figured it would be because I believe I ovulated only about three days ago. However, she totally busted my bubble when she said to call when I start again so we can repeat the test. She never said anything about the results being low due to the timing of ovulation; she made it sound like they don't think we have any chance this month : ( Going to...
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