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Fibromyalgia lupus ra or all

Posted 06-13-2016 11:13 AM by Gemini61085

Just curious to see if anyone has been diagnosed with lupus without having abnormal blood results and only a mild barely seen Malar rash
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Story of my Non-Healing Wound Steroids - Part 2

Posted 06-02-2014 07:53 AM by RABG

Finding a good rheumatologist wasn't going to be easy. Finding a poor rheumatologist wasn't going to be easy either. I live in a small town so I realized I would have to drive at least 30 minutes.
At the time - early 90's- there was only one such doctor and he was one of the poor ones. There are so many symptoms associated with Lupus and prednisone that it was hard to sort them out.
It was too much for the 1st. Rheumatologist so I had to move on.
The search for another doctor...
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Story of my non-healing wound- steroids, part 1

Posted 05-31-2014 07:06 AM by RABG

When I read some of the posts, about people struggling with their illness, or disease it breaks my heart. I want to hug them, comfort their fears, tell them all will be well. I can't do any of that. How do I know if everything will be well. In reading their posts it brings me back to the beginning of my illness.
I have had Lupus for 25 years, probably more. If I looked at my illness on paper I would scream. So many times in the hospital, so many different doctors who have helped, so many...
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Second treatment with Benlysta

Posted 07-27-2011 01:09 PM by Novelty

July 26th, my second treatment.

I had caffeinated coffee, 2 oz of cheese on toast, and almond milk for breakfast hoping that I will start with a higher than my normal BP.

The pre-treatment reading was 104/60. This time I didn't need IV saline. Treatment started at 9:45 and ended at 10:45. At 10:15 BP was 116/64; at 10:45 it was 133/61. I never had a reading this high. The nurse attributed the increase to what I had for breakfast. Before I was sent home BP was 112/61...
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My experience with Benlysta

Posted 07-18-2011 08:53 AM by Novelty

I had my first IV infusion of Benlysta on July 12th.

The nurse first took my blood pressure and body temperature. My BP started at 97/70, temperature normal. Treatment should have started at 9am but it was delayed until 10:45. Pharmacy was having difficulty dissolving the medicine because it was chalky.

I was dozing on and off while waiting. The nurse took my BP again, it went down to 85/60. RN called my rheumatologist and started IV saline to raise the BP. MD said...
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