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Arthritis called Duprytrens Contracture

Posted 01-28-2015 12:11 AM by Charese
Updated 01-28-2015 08:08 AM by Administrator


I had surgery on one finger for Dupurytrens Contracture. That's is a arthritic disease where the cords in the palm to the fingers thicken and pulls the fingers into a fist.

After the first surgery on one finger it flared up all the other fingers and they are curved inward deformed and frozen.

Then a dr. That treats DC with needle aponeurectomy. This is where the hand is injected to block pain and a needle is used to break up the thickened tendon causing the finger to curl to the plam like a fist. It slightly opened the one finger treated that the surgery was on.

Now awaiting a bio enzyme drug. The enzymes in the drugs is injected with a needle. This is another Method

I have done a lot of research on and my last hope of opening my hand. However,the bio drug has a lot of side effects. Even though my Dr was doing the clinical trials on the drug and a speciality hand surgeon I feel confident . Yet when I read all the possible side effects, I loose my confidence to try this new biological drug. Which by the way is thousands per finger. My insurance may cover most of it I hope. Have not heard yet.
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