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Understanding MRI Results

Posted 11-03-2010 05:58 PM by conniejay1

My MRI states the following:

C4 - C5 shows broad-based bulging annulus with focal disc protrusion to the left of midline approxiamately 6 mm in width and 2-3 mm in AP dimension that is flattening the thecal sac and extending to the anterior margin of the cord with effacement of the cord itself.

C5 - C6 There is bulging annulus with a central disc protrusion again broad-based measuring 5 mm with 2-3 mm in AP dimension. There is minimal disc space narrowing. There is no gross foraminal encroachment.

C6 - C7 There is compression of osteophyte and or bulging disc extending more to the left of midline where there may be a broad-based disc protrusion almost 15 mm in width by 5 mm in AP dimension.

There is reversal lordosis at the C4, C5 & C6 levels.

Focal disc protrusion to C4 - C5 to the left of midline
Central protrusion at C5 - C6
Either broad based protrusion & osteophyte at C6-C7

What does any of this mean?

I am 39 years old with a previous diagnosis of "mini stroke" that I got 7 years ago and now I have been in and out of the hospital with "TA's" (supposedly) I am beginning to believe I never had a mini stroke and finally my numbness in my arms, legs, mouth, etc. may have been caused by this neck stuff the whole time. I also have had a situation where I am sitting at my desk and when I look up to the computer my vision is distorted and I can't read any of the words. Can this also be caused by whatever is going on in my neck?
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