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Vasovagal syncope

Posted 02-14-2011 06:53 PM by Ctongren

My daughter who is 40 passed out unexpectedly on 12/30 and suffered a concussion. She was put on a heart monitor and her heart rate was sometimes very low 55 or high 180 and thes fluctuations occured when she was driving or sitting at work. She subsequently had a tilt table test and fainted in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Her heart rate dropped to 50 and blood pressure dropped as well. During the treadmill test her heart rate increased along with her blood pressure as speed was increased. They said her heart and rate and and bp dropped suddenly while sprinting uphill. They then stopped the test. For the past weekend has been having periods of lightheadedness or extreme weakness in the upper body (arms/ torso ) . She has also had a cat scan,but the cardiologist just said she has vasovagal syncope and advised more salt, more fluids and special compression stockings telling her to not drive for 6 months which she has no choice but to do. Please help in any manner you can by offering suggestions on acceptable medications or other therapies along with what specialist type of doctor we can see now and any recommendations especially in Denver where she lives. Thank you so much
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