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And the pain goes on & on & on...!!

Posted 08-14-2013 06:51 AM by Dandy33

Anyone who has the same problem has my absolute sympathy!! least..constant pain grinds you into the ground. Ther are the "good" days which for the most part means that the pain subsides enough to allow for a reasonable amount of activity... in other words, I am able to get a few household chores done and get a decent meal prepared.
I try to go swimming at least once a week..and then my Db nurse very helpfully suggests that perhaps I could up that to twice a week! All very well thinking that is a very good idea but she doesn't have to cope with the extra pain I get the next day by my going just the once.
My weight is now 13st6lbs where I have been for the last umpteen weeks just going up a few pounds and then down again... very frustrating to say the least.
However, did have a glowing report from my diabetic review, BP has improved from last year as has my cholesterol level and of course my weight. Now find that I am somewhat anaemic so iron tablets are going to be prescribed... (uh-ho! another thing to continue to add to my problem of constipation.. )

Meeting up with my daughters and grandchildren next get together which I am so looking forward to...Just hope my back pain is not too overwhelming to detract from the occasion.
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