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Many Many Many Moles!!!

Posted 12-31-2010 07:14 PM by davies444

I have WELL over 100 moles (on 1 section of my right arm alone, I have over 20 moles) all over my body, from head to foot. I've never had my scalp checked. I have moles on my face, moles & polyps on my neck. I have MANY moles on both arms. My chest & stomach are riddled with small, medium & large sized moles of multiple shapes & colours. My back is just the same as my front. The only difference, is that I have a few LARGE black moles. I have MANY small moles on my genitals. I have moles on my legs. I have moles on the top of each foot. I have heard the implications of this, but also know that they're only speculative... I have moles on the soles of both feet.
Whenever I get a referral to a dermatologist from my GP, the derm. secretary sends me back to my GP before I can an appointment!
I'm trying to book an appointment with a different derm., but have lost a lot of confidence in them.
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