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want to give up but can't

Posted 06-11-2012 01:45 AM by EmForce20

Hi, my name is Em and im 20 years old.
4 years ago I was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow in both elbows. The doctor told me it was very common in people that are tall (like me)
I learnt to deal with it like normal but two years on I suddenly developed a horrible pain in my hips and a week later I was diagnosed with Bursitis in both hips. I was given injections in both and was told to deal with it. I was doing waitressing at the time and found it very hard to just, deal with! I went back to the doctor and he said "You need physiotherapy and to rest your legs, you shouldnt do waitressing." I quit my job and went to the physio for 6 months, sometimes going 3 times a week. I had no relief from that at all. So again, back to the doctor. This time he told me "You definitely have Fibromyalgia and Depression, you need to go back to work" I thought to myself, yeah I admit I have been feeling upset because of the pain, I must have that. I was put on 6 months of anti depressants and got a job as a Bar Attendant. I was feeling no better than when this all started...
I have since seen a Nuerologist who told me I just had low pain tollerance and I needed to deal with it. And a Rhumetologist who told me it was definitely Fibromyalgia and my tablets didn't work because they were the wrong ones. In these words he said, "There are 50 different types of Cymbalta (anti depressants) you just need to find the rite ones for you."
I wanted to punch him in the face!! I am now 20and this started when I was 16. Fibromyalgia is now a diagnosis that I DO NOT believe in. I am not just going to "deal with the pain" I am hoping to find SOMEONE on here with advice or hopefully someone that is going through the same thing. Please comment!!!..
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