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To follow the trials and tribulations of my anti-reflux surgery and recovery.
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2 days after surgery

Posted 07-04-2013 09:01 PM by Frumquist

Surgery was pretty uneventful. I guess I was asleep. I was told it took about 2 hours. I was not given any liquid of any kind for about 24 hours post surgery. Just iv fluids and oxygen. I had a barium swallow test to verify there was no leakage or blockage before I was allowed liquids. The hospital was very aggressive toward pain control and gave my a self controlled morphine pump. On the few times that the pain got a little "extra" there was no problem giving me a little extra.
My diet now is any liquid that has a consistency thin enough to flow through a straw -- without using a straw. Temperature extremes are uncomfortable, as is trying to drink or swallow too much.
I'm still experiencing some diarrhea and only recently started passing gas. Kinda the reverse of what I expected. Pain is pretty well controlled with Tylenol but I brought home an adequate amount of liquid hydrocodone. The problem with liquid Tylenol is that you have to drink a large volume to get to the 1000mg level -- and large volumes are not good. It takes about 4 sips to get the 2 tablespoons down. Plan ahead and get adult strength liquid because most of what is on the counter seems to be child strength which requires even more volume.
The pain is strange. Part if it resembles the muscle pain from doing way too many situps. That pain that concentrates right along the bottom of your rib cage. But there is another part that reminds me of a time when I accidently got too close to a batter and got a hard hit in the ribs more towards the back -- but this is on both sides. But it is tolerable. I'm too exhausted to do anything anyway.
I need to keep working on taking deep breaths. It's not comfortable, so there is a strong tendency to breath shallowly. I'm assuming that the deep breathing is helpful for getting rid of all of the CO2 they pump into you to open up the abdominal cavity. I'm still a little "inflated". My wife says I look like I'm about 7 months pregnant but I'm too old and the wrong sex for that.
So, overall, the first day after surgery is pretty much a lost day because of the anesthesia but that's to be expected. My second day I find I'm able to move around pretty well and am learning where the limits are.
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