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To follow the trials and tribulations of my anti-reflux surgery and recovery.
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1 week post op

Posted 07-10-2013 11:14 AM by Frumquist

Really uneventful. I like it. One thing I should have mentioned earlier concerns insurance. I'm on medicare and this procedure is considered an outpatient procedure. What that means is that your hospital stay is covered under part B (80%) not the hospital benefit of part A. I don't know how that may affect private insurance coverage. Fortunately my supplemental policy will pick most (all--I hope) of the stuff medicare misses. The only reason I mentioned it was to remind anyone to closely check coverages so you don't have added bills on top of recovery issues.
I've been able to get off all pain meds, even Tylenol. I followed instructions early to keep a good level of Tylenol going (1000mg every 6 hours) and use the heavier stuff if needed. I hadn't used any of the heavy stuff for a couple days so tried missing the Tylenol doses. Voila!! Nothing changed without Tylenol -- a good thing. It's still not easy swallowing capsules or caplets, so I don't miss that.
When I talked with the nurse this morning I asked about activity levels and what I could be doing physically other than sitting around, walking , and getting bored. She reminded me that even though it looks like the incisions are healing nicely, there are a lot of sutures still slowly dissolving and new scar tissue being formed internally that need to be protected. Having to repair a repair is not a good thing so she just said to chill and let my body heal. I was hoping for some kind of a magic solution -- no such luck. I am going to keep my diet really restricted just to be nice to the repairs and the surrounding area. A few extra days of ensure and boost might just keep the repair as strong and as normal-acting as possible long-term.
If you are thinking about the surgery, I still think it was the right thing -- no gerd, no meds, no sinus drainage, no coughing since the surgery
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