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To follow the trials and tribulations of my anti-reflux surgery and recovery.
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13 days after

Posted 07-15-2013 10:35 PM by Frumquist

Still improving but still tired. Like with any kind of surgery, there are up days and the other kind of days. I'm still staying pretty restrictive on the diet -- Boost, Ensure, juices and malt-o-meal. The malt-o-meal has extra protein if you add an egg while cooking it. It seems to stick with you a little longer, too. I find I'm getting hungrier and food smells are getting my attention a lot more. I'm still using the higher calorie, higher protein version of the drinks because I know I need that for healing.
Wednesday morning I go back to the doc's assistant to review my recovery and modify my diet. A glass of wine will taste awfully good while I eat small bites and chew a lot before I swallow. I hope that's what the change will allow.
The only real discomfort I have is if I try to swallow something that is too cold or too large of a volume. There is an immediate twinge in my chest and then the stupid shoulder pain comes back for a while. All of the discomfort stuff in much less painful than it was a week ago and is now just something I notice. It reminds me that I made a mistake.
I'm still glad I had the surgery. I wish I had a Dr. discuss this with me 20 years ago. This is probably the longest period in the last 40 years that I haven't needed some kind of acid relief -- from Tums to PPIs. I've been drinking V8 and pineapple juice with no after effects. No waking up with my chest on fire or burping up burning stuff into the back of my throat. I can burp a little, but not a lot. The bloating caused by not burping goes away by walking and I feel sure that the situation will improve as the esophageal swelling goes away.
If you considering the surgery, I'm a real fan of Dr. Aye at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.
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