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To follow the trials and tribulations of my anti-reflux surgery and recovery.
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6 weeks post op

Posted 08-13-2013 08:28 PM by Frumquist

Tomorrow I go see the surgeon who did the modified nissen 6 weeks ago. If I had it to do over again, YES, I would do it. I have not taken, or needed, any gerd-type meds. I don't need any pain meds from the surgery. Sure, I watch what I eat, I watch how fast I eat, and I chew stuff very well. Actually, the problem foods are thick starchy things and thick meats (like steak). I have NO problem with tomato-based stuff or spicy stuff. Yesterday and today I have had a beer with minor bloating. I know carbonation will probably be a problem, but I'm testing. Otherwise, alcoholic drinks are not a problem. Wine, martinis, manhattans, stuff on the rocks, or mixed with water or juices are fine.
It will be interesting to talk to the doc tomorrow. Actually, I hope he wants me to do a barium swallow so I can see what the repair site looks like.
Overall, surgery is NEVER fun or pleasant. The long-term results are what you are looking for. Right now, I can definitely say that my quality of life is better and is improving. The only downside is that I still have a couple of Costo-sized Tums containers and 4 - 5 boxes of omeprazole that I'm not planning on using. But if that is a downside, I like it.
I'll post again after I talk to the doc...
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