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Schizophrenia and parental abuse

Posted 04-28-2012 03:19 PM by howcurious
Updated 04-29-2012 09:42 PM by Administrator


my psychiatrist has asked me to write to express myself, I would like to give a different vsion of the disease. I was diagnosed schizophrenia 16 years ago, recently I have been diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder, I have been working for more than 10 years, I live alone and I drive my own car, I have friends and I have a normal life (except during the two occasions that I was in the hospital with a duration not exceeding two weeks).

I can say that the traumatic events that I lived my childhood have appeared over several psychotic episodes (less than 6 in my life), to say things in a clear, understanding way leads schizophrenics to have more problems, that's the reason we need to express our trauma by means of psychosis, like artists reveal their souls in pieces of art. Ours is a more painful way. why do we do this? In our families, one parent belongs the 2% of psychopaths that exists among the population, so just imagine what is accusing, denouncing a psychopath in a family. Fortunately I could leave my house and live alone, and when I return on vacation, since I know the type of person my mother is, I do my best for dealing with his psychotic behavior and I can spend my time with my three sisters enjoying the fact that my mother has so far failed to totally destroy our relationship.

I hope that the medical profession makes someday a turning-point in their conception of schizophrenia, I would encourage them to make an effort and to analyze who of the parents of the schizophrenic is causing his/her fear, isolation, anxiety, anger, distress, paralysis and other carateristic features of a person abused from her/his childhood, growing in a mobbing environment, and who is the one that has not been able to protect his/her son from the torture.

this is the starting point where begins the challenge of understanding and treating this terrible illness from my point of view.

Best regards
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