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ACNE has runied me

Posted 12-27-2012 08:20 PM by imprfctBlemish

my acne has completly runied my life ...its giving me OCD and severe social anxiety ...i feel like everythime i go into a store and everybody is just looking at my horrible skin my horrible skin has kept me from doing things that i love to do and it keep me thinking that i will be alone forever and that i will never find anybody who will actually wanna be with me cause of my face so insecure it kills me, im just so over this and feeling like im not pretty , and it sucks even more when people dont see what i see , or when they lie too me about it cause i know how bad it is and the more i try and get this under control it just hates me even more and shows up with these sores that pop underneath my skin and thjey just hurt so bad and whats makes this whole thing more worse is i have a huge picking problem and im trying my hardest to stop but it sop self concious i dont realize im doing it till i have huge marks on my face and my blemish is worse than it was to begin with im just so sad !
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    It's a shame that many people judge a book by its cover.
    Know that you are so much more than your outward physical appearance.

    Posted 01-14-2013 at 07:08 PM by Phoenix Phoenix is offline

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